The Best Way to Treat Acne & Pigmentation Issues

Acne treatment result
We all want clearer skin, especially if an important event such as prom is approaching. We want to look our best and have an effortless glow that looks natural and clear. Unfortunately, it’s very common to struggle with skin issues. Many teens find it hard to battle acne before their prom night. Luckily, we have some information from an expert that can help them on their quest for clearer skin.
Before Ronit Sinai, owner of Sinai European Skin, tackles the issue of how to treat a common skin condition – Acne – she always first shares her own guidelines that are the best way to approach treatment:


The customer should have a clear understanding that there is no quick or easy cure for Acne.
The goal is to keep the acne under control.
You can improve it with the right products and skincare regime.
Most importantly, having weekly or monthly treatments will have the biggest impact on your skin’s condition.
The products and the treatments that are chosen should target the root of the problem from deep within the skin, working outward.


Ronit Sinai claims that one of the most important factors in treating your skin is that you should use products that are not damaging or abrasive, but that are actually gentle and calming when used.
Following many years of experience, Ronit has noticed the same concept works for pigmentation problems.
She says that one of the most difficult pigmentation conditions to treat is dry skin with pigmentations.


When a customer is struggling with this hard skin issue, she treats them with deep hydration therapy a couple of times, followed by mild peelings and the correct skincare products.


Usually, when any customer wants to treat either Acne or pigmentation, they can begin with a free consultation followed by treatments such as:


Phytic treatment or facials, deep cleansing, detoxifying or lightning treatments. The customer is then sent home with a set of products that are in cosmeceutical pharmaceutical level. These products have the ability to treat the skin deeply but not aggressively. They work within the deeper layers of the skin and give the right results to the customers.


Ronit also advises the customer on how to alter their diet which can be a contributing factor to the overall condition of the skin. As a matter of fact, one of the products she recommends to patients with acne or pigmentation problems is her cleansing salt, which completely cleans the gallbladder and helps tremendously to further any skin treatments.

At Sinai European Skincare, the customer gets detoxified from the inside out.
At Sina European Skincare satisfactory is guaranteed.
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