The Most Beautiful & Timeless Wedding Hairstyles

The Most Beautiful & Timeless Wedding Hairstyles

The Most Beautiful & Timeless Wedding Hairstyles


Wedding hairstyles should be formal, timeless and beautiful. Even if you’re not the bride and simply attending the wedding or are a part of the bridal party, you’ll want to choose a gorgeous hairstyle that flatters you and looks stunning in any wedding photos. Perfect for those preparing to tie the knot and wedding guests alike, we’re looking at our favorite wedding hairstyles that are so flattering, effortless and have a classic vibe too.

When selecting your hairstyle, you’ll want to consider the neckline of your dress – if you leave your hair loose, will it cover some of the details or features of the design? You’ll want to show off the full silhouette of your dress when possible, but loose hairstyles can still look beautiful and shouldn’t be avoided – they team up particularly well with strapless designs.

If you’re the bride, you’ll also need to keep in mind if you’ll be wearing a veil or headpiece over your chosen hairdo on the big day. You’ll want to try it out to make sure it all works together before the actual wedding day to check that everything goes smoothly (if you intend to remove the veil after the ceremony, you might need to readjust your hair for example).

If you’re looking for some inspiration as a bridesmaid, remember that you can choose to style your look differently or the same as the other bridesmaids depending on what the bride wants – if all of the bridesmaids will be wearing the same hairstyle, try to pick a style that will flatter you all.



The Knotted Chignon

The height of minimal elegance, this classic hairstyle is just gorgeous and the 3D style knot gives it a modern twist. This clean hairstyle is a great choice if you don’t want hair in your face during the day – and it’s also perfect if you’re planning to wear a veil and need a bun to clip it in into. A polished choice, this hairdo will look refined and chic no matter what dress you pair it with.

Make the most of this with a pair of sparkling chandelier earrings – or decorate the bun with tiny floral or crystal detailing to give it a more bridal finishing touch. This fashionable hair bun will look especially stunning when teamed up with a minimal stark wedding dress or formal gown such as an on-trend slip dress with clean lines. Very easy to maintain throughout the day once it’s set, just carry along some hairspray for quick touch-ups.



Loose Beach Waves & Braided Crown

If you’re attending a beach wedding or the big day has a distinct boho vibe, this loose wavy style should be your go-to look. So effortless and again requiring minimal touch-ups as it has that slight messy look, this hairstyle is so easy to create and the end result is so pretty.

You can try this out yourself at home, just invest in some surf texture/beach wave hairspray. After washing your hair, lightly towel dry and spritz the product all over. Allow your locks to air-dry, scrunch and watch as the waves form. You can also create this look if you’re good with a curling iron, just make sure the waves don’t look too perfect – the key is to make this look relaxed and natural.

This look also adds a braided section running around the sides to form a crown – you can add any kind of braid you like here, including a beautiful fishtail braid. We love how this look tops off the hairstyle with tiny baby breath flowers – a delicate finishing touch that adds a whole new level to this hairdo.



The Messy Fishtail Braid

This messy fishtail braid has officially won our hearts. Braids are definitely trending in the fashion world at the moment but this messy style has such a soft look that makes it perfect for weddings. A gorgeous way to highlight an open back dress – this braided hairstyle can be brushed to the back or front for photos, and will look perfect all day long.

The key to this look is creating just the right amount of ‘mess’. There should be some loose strands and bumps in this hairstyle to create an effortless vibe – but don’t go overboard. Make sure this braid is still holding together and looks good from both the front and back. You can easily adapt this hairstyle by twisting it into a hair bun for the reception.



Side-Parted Polished Waves

This polished and sophisticated loose hairstyle is an instant winner no matter what formal event or party you’re attending. With wide loose waves that are uniform and cleanly curved, this has a slight vintage feel and is so flattering. The key to getting this look right is working on the perfect side parting – make sure it’s at the right angle and that the line of the parting is totally straight so the whole look is sleek.

If you’re good with hair tools, try out adding in these wide waves yourself with a curling iron – keep the size of the waves as uniform and polished as possible, and straighten the top section close to the parting. Keep everything in place with some hairspray and bring some bobby pins just in case the new side parting won’t stay where it’s supposed to – just tuck them in on the layer of hair underneath close to the parting.

More Beauty Inspiration

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