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The Most Beautiful & Timeless Wedding Hairstyles

  Wedding hairstyles should be formal, timeless and beautiful. Even if you're not the bride and simply attending the wedding or are a part of the bridal party, you'll want to choose a gorgeous hairstyle that flatters you and looks stunning in any wedding photos. Perfect for those preparing to tie the knot and wedding guests alike, we're looking at our favorite wedding hairstyles that are so flattering, effortless and have a classic vibe too. When selecting your hairstyle, you'll want to consider the neckline of your dress - if you leave your hair loose, will it cover some of the details or features of the design? You'll want to show off the full silhouette of your dress when possible, but loose hairstyles can still look beautiful and shouldn't be avoided - they team up particularly well with strapless designs. If you're the bride, you'll also need to keep in…

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1 year ago

The Best Nail Trends for Prom 2017

Just like hair and make-up, you can use your nails to express yourself. Prom night is one of those memorable moments where you have the chance to show off your own style. Your personal style should always include consideration of your beauty look. That means considering hair, makeup and nails when you're picking out what to wear. This is done as you're preparing everything for the important night. You'll then be able to beautifully style your perfect prom dress. Read on as we breakdown the top prom nail trends for the year to come. What's trending in the nail art world often reflects wider beauty and fashion trends. You'll have style literally at your fingertips if you decide to try out one of these top nail ideas for 2017. Going Natural  You'll need to decide if you'll use your natural nails or opt to add faux nails. If you can grow your…

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2 years ago