The Best Prom Styles For This 2020

2020 is already on the corner, and Jovani brings you its proposals for this new year of fashion. After breaking down the trends from this latest collection of prom dresses, we have selected those that respond with girls in a minimalist and chic style, but be careful in only using and adapting those that go with your style and enhance your figure.


Natural Confidence


With this trend, you become the protagonist along with the garments that make you look relaxed, based on fit and monochromatic pieces. You can use overlapping garments and rounded shapes of oriental influence.

For the graduation season, prom dresses of imperial cut, pastel shades, light fabrics, asymmetric designs, and high cut skirts also stand out are in vogue.


This trend is ideal for girls with an hourglass or column silhouette; especially if you are looking for ways to accentuate the waist or the inverted triangle shape (if you are not very curvy, or short stature), because it helps them create balance by adding volume to the lower part of the body.




Aimed at more casual occasions. In this style, the garments are mostly asymmetric, where classic typologies are utilized to transform them into new forms. Transparencies and neutral tones stand out.


The bare shoulders are the dominant element; there are also cuts in dresses and blouses that show different parts of the body. In general, showing the shoulders is flattering for almost all body types except for inverted triangle figures or people with very broad shoulders/backs. Women with a medium or small bust and very thin are the most flattered with this type of necklines.

The biggest fashion trends for 2019 and how to wear them

Hyper Glam


It’s one of the strongest trends in the collection of Jovani prom dresses, applicable to all occasions; includes elements that will make you feel like a goddess: lingerie, lace, ruffles, transparencies, embroidery, and applique. There are also pieces stamped with pictorial flowers, small liberty type, romantic and large-scale poppies.


Women with subtle curves can carry this trend without any problem; others should be careful to use them in areas of the body that want to highlight and not disguise.


Vintage Meets Pop


If you characterize yourself by having a personality different from the rest, this style includes a new version of vintage or retro meant for you, highlighting the abstract and geometrical plans inspired by the 70s. The combination of a palette in brown, orange and light blue is are all in. It alludes to styles such as the Victorian (high collars, ruffles, wide sleeves, decorative and gold embroidery), prints and volumes.


This style is suitable for all kinds of girls, since the models that include flare in both the upper and lower part highlight the most elegant areas of the female figure. Besides, they will help you generate curves.


Epic Fashion


This trend is based on trench coats with greenish and earthy colors, structured garments and vests. Women with slim bodies who want to rock-out this style should choose garments that highlight their waist or use belts under the bust. Triangle-type women will also be able to wear these garments if they wear them on the upper part of their body.

Blue Sea


Appliques and embroidery with direct reference to the aquatic world, high prominence of blue, nets and drafts. It highlights the silhouettes with emphasis on the waist, which is reflected in the sculptural and anatomical blue dresses.  The dresses with a focus on the bodice are very beneficial for women with an hourglass type of body because they highlight their silhouette.

Now, let’s talk about the tips to apply these styles on a daily basis:

The women with wide hips may choose to generate the illusion that their shoulders are wider proportionally; to achieve that it’s necessary to use tops because they leave them exposed. On the contrary, broad shoulders can be disguised by covering them with a neutral-tone garment, such as black, that will remove visual weight. The clothing below should be clear. The idea is to look stylized by keeping our body in proportion to these tricks.

Since the Jovani fashion artists have designed their garments so that they are not intended exclusively for prom, they can be combined with something casual.

Top fashion trends to try in 2019

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