How to show-off a slimmer figure right now

The fundamental rules girls should take into account when analyzing their body, is to be realistic, look objectively and stop seeing ghosts where there are none. The use of colors, accessories, types of garments, textures, and prints strategically can help balance the silhouette. That’s why we want to give you a series of tips that to look radiant and stylized for any occasion -from a walk in casual clothes to choose among the wide variety of Jovani prom dresses for the biggest party of your high school.


Beauty comes from the inside


Knowing how to choose your underwear has implications for your outfit, as a lousy bra or panties that are too big or too small will completely ruin how the clothes fit. Keep in mind that underwear should not create any wrinkle or texture in pieces like tight jeans or even wearing high Couture garments such as Jovani prom dresses and other formal gowns; In addition, the bust should always look balanced, not too high or too low, for this, adjust the straps of your bras focus on the alignment.


Neutral and dark colors that highlight your best features


The dark colors stylize and make you look more elegant, the intense shades tend to bounce light and as a result, make the eyes focus on the bulkiest body parts. So those girls who want to disguise a specific area must use dark colors since they absorb light but don’t bounce it. The colors that you should wear in the area you want to divert attention from are all the dark shades that come close to black. Try the monochromatic look; these will generate a line that will sharpen your silhouette.


Only the prints and textures that favor you


Make the textures and prints your best allies. Wear them in the areas you actually want to highlight, or for example; if you are a small bust and you want them to look bigger, in this case, there’s nothing better than having in your wardrobe garments with prints for the upper part of your body. Of course, in the parts you want to neutralize is better to complement them with a design that covers them with light fabrics.


Plan your looks

Using the right clothes means thinking ahead of the events and wearing garments that flatter the body, the color of your skin, your features, your style, and personality the most; integrally empower your image. The following are key elements that you should keep in mind when choosing your clothes:


They must enhance your figure, regardless of your body type, shape or size, there is a group of clothes that will favor you more than others, making your body look more harmonious. Also, they should also help you express your personality and give it an air of the most elegant glamor so that you turn out to be the best dressed in any event, as it is to wear metallic prom dresses to a prom party with the most magnificent cosmopolitan spirit.


A matter of consistency


Identify which are the complements that make you look spectacular. According to the design, your complexion and the event, there is a group of accessories that are the ideal ones to match, since they harmonize the natural colors of your skin, hair, and eyes. You should also know how to choose the appropriate garments for each occasion and your age. Besides that, if it is a formal event, find out the type of dress code to avoid any problems.


Usually, if it is a prom party, it is common for the gowns to be extended below the knee, but if you consider yourself a more daring girl, you can choose prom dresses style cocktail that makes you look your legs.

All the above elements are fundamental in the process of creating a personal image and a triumphant look, give yourself the opportunity to learn to dress your silhouette, appear more svelte and transform the picture you show the whole world. If you liked this article, we encourage you to read the rest of our entries where you can investigate in depth and prepare to start 2020 full of elegance and style.

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