How To Improve Your Self-esteem Starting From Wardrobe

All the girls and women around the world are beautiful and unlimited human beings by nature. You should know that you can shape the universe around you on cue, starting from small actions to the more prominent aspects.


Your personality expresses itself through the elements around you. Your goals, taste, feelings, and convictions can be translated and carried by wearing a particular style and carving personal image. Next, we will share secrets so that your self-esteem improves from the choice of the clothes you choose to present yourself with, thinking about the thing you want to achieve.


Define who you are and what your goals are. This is the basis of the consolidation of your fashion sense. If you take as an example a fashion collection that you admire like prom dresses by Jovani, will notice that each design is created to fulfill the purposes each girl has, depending on her silhouette, her style and what she wants to achieve with the piece. If you were doing some research about the subject and found this article, we recommend you make a list of what you consider to be your strengths, what kind of designs make you feel more comfortable and the emotion you want to evoke with every fashion choice.


You might want to renovate your wardrobe completely or to only reinforce it with fundamental garments of formal and semi-formal style. For example, creating a new impression at the beginning of the school year or to dress-up for the job you deserve.

Improve Your Self-esteem

Take a look at the mirror. It’s not about that regular activity yo do everytime you wake up, but to contemplate your body in all its fullness and analyze each of your features. When building up a unique style, it is essential to get to know your body; this will give you a clearer idea of adapting cuts and patterns. The first step can be to identify which areas of your body you like the most and prefer to highlight and on the contrary, which are the others to disguise. Also, try to locate your figure in a body type according to the garments you’ll put on, such as prom dresses. The classifications are: whether you have an hourglass, column type, triangle, inverted triangle, or rounded body type.


Now, the key is for your body to look harmonious and balanced; highlight only the areas you like with the excellent use of cuts, patterns or prints. Also, learn to identify what are the silhouettes that benefit you the most according to your natural one.


Find which colors favor you the most. According to the tone of your skin, the features of your face and hair, there is a group of colors that look good on you and ones that don’t do it as much. When applying these colors close to the face area (blouse, collar, etc.), your features stand out much more, the color of your lips and eyes get intense, and even your hair can look brighter. Dare to use different tones and identify which ones will always make you look fantastic!


Form your style: According to your personality and tastes, you tend to choose certain clothes that make you feel “cool.” There are different girls and styles, like those who are more casual and love to wear a fresh and natural look, others more conservative and classic which goal is to be polished, there are the romantics, bohemians, seductive/sexy, creative, elegant and finally, dramatic. Now the question you must ask your inner self is: “Which one of these styles I identify the most with?”. We suggest you take a look at the other blog entries available and also analyze the collection of prom dresses that Jovani has recently launched, that way you can get an idea of ​​your outfit in advance, choose the right option and feel divine. It is essential to visualize the final look, all outfit creation is born from a visualization.


To finish with this list, one last recommendation: Feeling confident and comfortable with yourself is a day-to-day work; As the days pass, you will see how the aspects regarding styles, combinations and colors will end-up becoming part of your daily routine and you will feel better than ever.

Improve Your Self-esteem

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