How to get the best out of you with the best outfits

If an important date such as a prom party or family reunion is approaching, and you are not happy with what you’ve brought from your wardrobe so far, it is time to learn how to upgrade styles and the image you project to others. If you have robust features, pronounced curves or a square figure, it is necessary to make an illusion with your clothing for specific areas of your body to balance concerning the rest of it, such as the hips and legs. Don’t miss the following recommendations:

Choose the color of your clothes carefully


Dark colors will visually remove a few extra pounds immediately. You don’t have to limit yourself only to wear black. Colors like navy blue, purple, dark green and blush are also very flattering in this case, and look lovely in a gala gown or prom dresses. Avoid using light colors, especially in those areas that you want to hide.


The monochrome take is for you


The combinations of different colors (especially in light or very intense colors), i.e., choosing between prom dresses of one color, complement with a shawl of another piece, an extra  blouse and a belt from another, will make you look more massive, and same will do huge prints; instead, go for the dresses or sets of a single tone.

Choose clothes made for you


Don’t wear wide garments and neither too tight; both options will make you look more chubby, instead, choose those that fit perfectly to your figure and create a balanced image.

the best outfits

It’s ok to show a little bit of skin


Use necklines that help you to stylize the upper part of your body. The Jovani prom dresses in V-neck or deep U, visually make your torso look slimmer. Avoid wearing clothes with very closed necklines such as the high rounds and the turtleneck because they create the opposite effect and make you look plumper. Also, opt for shirts or blouses with 3/4 sleeves instead of short sleeves or sleeveless tops. Never use balloon-style sleeves at the end, because you are visually increasing the size of your arms.


Create contrast

Use a dress or blouse in empire court, with light fall (eye with a little volume in the abdomen area); these disguise those extra pounds in that area. Besides, use prom dresses in a mermaid cut -those that rub the floor-to stylize your legs, also the models that are open on the sides or those that are decorated with transparencies. If you wear pants or pantyhose, you must use high-heeled shoes or boots of the same hue. For example, if you wear black pants then choose black shoes.


Now it’s time to talk about fashion strategies and specific designs for semi-formal occasions. If, for example, you have a wide back, the tips to choose a dress that achieves a more curvilinear and proportionate silhouette are the following:


  • Avoid using bright colors or prints on the upper part of your body, prefer subtle or neutral tones that help you to conceal the volume of your torso and back.
  • Use blazers, coats or jackets with rounded lines, as these will help disguise the stiffness of your shoulders, avoid shoulder pads in this type of garments, as they will add more volume to your back.
  • Wear wrap-style or cross-over blouses with 3/4 sleeves and a deep V-neckline; also, avoid blouses with ruffles on the sleeves or balloon or butterfly blouses.
  • Wear pants and skirts decorated with some flare or with extra volume like the style in A, discard skirts and tight pants. Besides, use for the lower part of your body light and striking colors.
  • Wear wide-leg jeans and A-cut; you can also use striking designs for this type of garments, such as pockets on the side of your legs, which generate volume and balance the lower area of your body concerning your back and shoulders.
  • Finally, wear shoes with striking designs and intense colors, to focus attention on your legs and the lower area of your body,

the best outfits

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