How To Create Looks For Day And Night

Today, girls have a faster pace of life filled with different obligations and therefore have to meet many responsibilities, ranging from teenage girls in high school to business women.


Sometimes you leave the house in the morning, but that night you have an important date – maybe the person you like invites you to go out, there is work events, a party or some other type of occasion that implies you should look more elegant than ever. But, most of the time, you can’t find enough time to accomplish every task plus the process of returning home to change your wardrobe; this way, you have to rock the same look you went out within the first place.


If this happens to you on a recurring basis, don’t worry, your looks of the day may be suitable for the night, with the right amount of foresight and thinking on details, you will be able to look perfect and dazzle the night.


The solution


The tip that never fails is to opt for basics for the day and to add sophisticated accessories for the night such as high-heeled shoes, maxi earrings and some other complements with bright colors. For this, Jovani has launched its latest line of prom dresses 2020 with a variety of options that can be used for any occasion.


Do you want to transform your gorgeous day outfit into a glam one for the night? These tips will help you!


  1. Choose neutral tones or dark colors: Black is a color that works perfectly in day and night, it is elegant and sophisticated. Also the colors coffee, gray, white, military green, red and even dark purple, work very well for day and night. Avoid looks with prints with excessively vibrant colors.
  2. Use layers: put on several layers of clothing, so you can remove them or put them depending on your destination; be prepared for a warm place or a decrease in the temperature. At night you can wear a beautiful jacket or a shawl if the weather allows it.
  3. Pick comfortable clothes: Remember that you will spend more than 12 hours in the same outfit, choose to wear clothes that you know make you feel good. When it is a semi-formal occasion, wide leg pants, or one-piece models are very comfortable and versatile garments for day and night. If the importance of events requires a more sophisticated dress code, you can choose prom dresses from light fabric that allow you a lot of movement, like those from Jovani’s collection.
  4. Set your accessories accurately: The accessories are essential in a night look, a pair of earrings, a bracelet or a suitable necklace can make you look different.
  5. Go for a suitable purse: Small bags, with glitter, chains or prints, can be the choice to turn a simple look into an ideal one for the night. Select one that combines with the chosen garments or prom dresses, and you will only have to change from one bag to another. If you cannot change your purse, try to carry a small one and a few things as possible. The best thing for this option is a clutch.
  6. Choose eye-catching shoes: High-heeled shoes allow you to lengthen your body and give your look a more sophisticated and elegant vibe. But if you cannot change your shoes, black boots or boots over the knees are a good alternative, because they are very versatile and quickly combine with pants, dresses, and skirts.
  7. Retouch your makeup: Add an intense tone on the lips, it will help to give light to your face and apply a little more mascara to generate a more sophisticated look.
  8. Pay attention to the details: At the end of your activities of the day, and before attending your event, take some time to organize your clothes and check that it is perfect, fix your hair a bit, put on deodorant and brush your teeth, as well, You will feel ready and radiant for the night. This is ideal for the younger girls when they have the graduation ceremony in the morning and the prom party on the same night.


It may seem very difficult to turn a routine look into a perfect one for the night, but it is straightforward. You just have to choose the accessories, and the right clothes and your outfit will be ready. These tips will help you get it faster and easier.

looks for day and night

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