How To Choose The Best Shades For The Season

In the fashion world, colors change according to trends. However, you should know that certain colors suit you more than others within the available proposals. When you tonalities that harmonize the color of your skin, your face will reflect vitality, beauty and look more enlightened; On the contrary, if you use the colors that don’t suit you, you will lose luminosity in your skin, your face will look tired, and you will carry dark circles and deeper lines of expression.


To determine which are the colors that flatter you according to your skin tone it is essential to know what type of skin you classify according to what is called skin tone temperature, cold or warm and the season you are in.


Based on these theories you must choose and complement your wardrobe, including the next clothes you want to buy, such as a cocktail dress or even Jovani prom dresses if you are a girl in your high school senior year.


An inside look at the color temperature


Usually people who have a cooler skin tone, have a pink or bluish skin pigmentation, and generally look better in cool tones, which are those that have blue in its composition. On the other hand, people with a warm skin tone, have a yellowish skin tone, which can also be reflected in a golden hue, bronze or peach. In this case the warm colors, that is to say, those that in their composition have more yellow will be more flattering.


Within the division by the temperature of the skin tone, there is a subdivision called the four stations. Like the seasons of nature that divide the year into four periods, they are characterized by the presence of different colors; people have a particular type of coloration and complementary to one of these seasonal pallets. The people should create a balanced look.


Spring season is characterized by being warm, clear and bright. Depending on the previous groups you belong to, the colors in clothing that will favor you are yellow, salmon, turquoise blue, orange, caramel, gold, and green. Those skins that are darker with warm and caramel tones they look gorgeous wearing yellow, orange, red, etc. If we talk about prom dresses and the prom party you already know that your color should fit in this range.


New trends

Although for a long time it was thought that the metallic colors were suitable only to be used in formal parties, currently there are no excuses not to use them during any event. Jovani fashion has included a wide variety of models with these characteristics in the latest collection of prom dresses. These are the parameters of how to use metallic style without falling into the error of having an overloaded look – both formal and informal:


  • When wearing a metallic skirt or pants, combine it with garments in neutral colors, among them the basic ones like black and white, also don’t discard the nude color, which blends very well with metal and doesn’t detract from the garments that need it.
  • When your event is more casual, this season the jeans represent a significant role inside this trend. To accompany this type of look, we recommend blouses, shirts or blazers in solid colors of a single color without prints; with this, you will achieve a balance in the set of your clothes. Also, if you like to wear tight jeans or leggings, opt for shirts or blouses always keeping in mind the primary colors.
  • We suggest you choose only one metallic garment because they attract a lot of attention and your image can look too overloaded and exaggerated when using them all at once. What you can do is add some accessories in metallic tones that complement your look without overloading it.


Finally, if you still do not risk taking this trend, start trying with accessories, choose to wear the metal color in your shoes: sandals, boots, and ballerinas; You can also carry it in your bags, necklaces, earrings, scarves or pashminas. The ultimate goal is to select carefully the trends that are available and find those that most represent your personality. Dare! Without a doubt this trend will be dominant in 2020.

best shades for the season

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