How To Change Your Day With Your Outfit

Very few times people are aware of what they use, but are you? Choosing a garment from your closet is not something is not a random decision, doing so means looking for a way to show what you are to the world.


The clothes you wear, change your way of thinking and the way you can perceive yourself, plus it’s one of the ways you have to present yourself to those around you, establish links, and express the goals to be achieved; something that you can do both consciously or unconsciously. The way you dress and create clothing combinations is the one that brings you closer and relates to the rest of society and even with family and friends.


Putting on some jeans or choose from a wide variety of Jovani prom dresses to leave everyone impacted not only speaks of you as a person but can influence your path by conditioning your daily performance and mood.


Channel your inner self during the day


Dressing predisposes you to a series of thoughts, emotions, and ways of acting. The garments you carry on a daily basis have a closer relationship than you imagine with your inner self.


Let’s set an example: When you feel joyful, you may choose that favorite red cardigan inside your closet meant for special occasions, while during difficult days – maybe a disagreement at school, with your boss or significant other – you usually feel more carefree about your fashion picks, what it takes to wear old jeans and a shirt. Here is the main point of this specific blog.


The act of recognizing the connection between garments and emotions will allow you to make conscious decisions when you are searching inside of your closet so that you can select if necessary, wear clothes that change the state of mind you woke up from negative to positive. These are some of the elements that can influence your approach when dressing:


The tonalities


The colors that you use in your wardrobe affect the energy perception. As the colors found in nature (such as sky blue, green leaves or yellow sun) connect you with the principal elements of the world and protect you from negative emotions.


Other effects of colors:


Orange makes you sociable, boosts self-esteem and reduces fatigue.

Yellow improves the ability to concentrate and morale increases.

Green brings serenity and improves empathy.

Blue enhances generosity and solidarity.

Red facilitates making important decisions.


Undoubtedly, color is the element that has a direct impact on your animosity, the development of positive emotions or blocking the expression of feelings.


Patterns and prints


Patterns or prints can help show-off certain personality features, for example, prom dresses that have flower and landscape drawings can reflect spirituality and femininity, rectangular shapes stability, creativity abstract patterns, small moles naivety and tenderness.


Cut and design:


The highly structured patterns project security and even authority as they also express control, rigidity and a certain tension; while the less structured, with few seams and more loose allow movements without restrictions, and project a less formal message associated with a relaxed, free and calm character. For example, if you have an outdoor dinner you may choose a cocktail style model garment, if you are a senior student who likes being ahead of everything, you may select prom dresses with bodice and a structure that molds or accentuates your silhouette.




Natural materials such as linen, cotton, silk, and wool encourage your affinity with life. Cotton is the kindest and most comfortable of all fabrics and helps you feel well. Synthetic fabrics simplify and encourage practical actions, in addition to emotional disconnection from the environment.


The first steps


  1. After you wake up and begin with your morning routine, try to define your mood. Think that the key to emotions lies in: recognizing, accepting and channeling.
  2. The first thing you should do when you don’t feel particularly happy is to take control of that feeling and direct it in fashion.
  3. Choose consciously those garments that directly relate to images or positive feelings and above all, use your style as support in the way of achieving your goals.
  4. Not only express who you are but the woman you want to be and what you want to create for yourself.


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