How To Always Look Spectacular In 2020

The good thing about finishing another year is that you can leave everything you did not like behind in it. However, just as there were things that you would have liked to change or mistakes that you would want to avoid repeating, we know that there were trends and fashions that you regret having used.


For all that and more we want to give you new tips to help you start 2020 with the right step. If this is the year of your graduation you will be able to enjoy a wonderful school cycle, memories for a lifetime and above all, a sense of fine fashion for before, during and after choosing between different outfits and prom dresses. Here are the main tips:


The right size


A common mistake that all girls usually make is to believe that if in 2017 they were “N” size, in 2020 they will remain the same; your body with the passage of time is changing, and some girls tend to lose weight and another gain it. So it’s essential that every time you go shopping, consider this point and do the purchasing without too much time in advance. By using the correct size of clothing, you will look much better, especially if it is about selecting prom dresses.


Less is more


This famous phrase applies perfectly when we talk about accessories because, although they are elements that accentuate your style, wearing too many of them or putting on those that don’t match with your attire is a severe fashion mistake. That’s why the experts at Jovani recommend that once you’ve finished with your arrangement, you take off the last accessory you put on. Remember that style is found in the balance and harmony of everything you use.


The right underwear


There are different types of underwear: the comfortable, the sexy, the tender and the practical. And you can use the one that best suits your needs, but always taking into account your outfit. For example: if you are going to wear short dresses, it’s best not to wear a thong with it; or if you are about to wear white pants, the most convenient thing is to wear clothes in nude tones, not the same color as people usually think.


Layer on layer


The layering or overlay of garments is a good option for thin girls. You can play with several clothes on top, tight, and create the appearance of looking more voluminous, for example, a white-collar shirt over a wool coat. You can make many combinations!


Don’t put that on!


If you’re looking to look a little bit curvier, then you should step away from entirely dark outfits and oversized clothing. In opposed to what you may think, a garment that is too big will not create the curvy effect you are looking for, but it will accentuate how thin you are because of how big the actual outfit is. ┬áRegarding prom dresses, the 2020 collection by Jovani offers a range of colors that mix black with rhinestones and contrasting tones to provide an elegant and fun look.


The right use of socks


The socks were born to be used with closed shoes, for example, tennis shoes and boots, and you must combine the textures and colors, if they are sports shoes, use fabrics such as cotton, if you are going to wear boots use a pair of nylon that is of the same color and so on. On the other hand, stockings can be used with open footwear such as sneakers or ats; However, they can also be used with boots, remember that the texture of the materials and the colors must match the shoes.


The right foundation


The makeup has to adapt perfectly to your skin tone. And to solve this, go to specialized stores and before buying a product, ask for a sample; since in many occasions, the artificial light of this type of places is not very favorable for this purpose. And so when you get the sample, you can apply it at home and see the sunlight if it is the right tone or not for you.


Don’t overuse the concealer


It’s okay if you want to use concealer to calm the signs of fatigue or lack of sleep, but you should not abuse it; since most of them can generate a smoothed effect or expression marks, so support yourself with natural remedies that help reduce inflammation or reduce the redness of this area.


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