Fundamental Style Tips You Need To Apply For 2020

Do you feel that you didn’t quite nail you fashion during 2018? All people make mistakes regularly when deciding what to put on. ¬†However, if you want to show off your good taste, and at the same time improve your style for 2020 before an important event like the prom party, here in this blog we are going to give you some of the best fashion tips that will reveal a world of opportunities. But first, why is fashion such a big deal in the first place?


The value of the right wear


There are several reasons why the choice of your outfit and style, in general, are vital. We decided to summarize them in three: social life, self-esteem, and expression.


  • Social Life: You must present yourself accurately to others (for example, for work meetings you will not go in wearing sneakers), it is a way to show respect and to say to other people “I care.” If you are reading this thinking about the choice of prom dresses, you will know that closing the school year deserves an extraordinary garment.
  • Self-esteem: Surely since you were a little girl you have heard the phrase “your body is your temple”; This means that part of your self-care routine must include the clothing you wear. Have you ever had a haircut and then felt like a whole new person? that is part of the power that comes from beauty traditions, and fashion is no exception.
  • Expression: Female empowerment comes hand in hand with being a light-filled and multi-faceted being. Therefore, you have a lot of good things to convey, and your outfit can throw clues about that fact; if you succeed, you will be inviting people to know more about you, but if the gear sends the wrong message it will have the opposite effect on people.


Now that you know the reasons, you are ready to put into practice the following tips to begin the year on the right foot.


Find your style


The expert designers of leading fashion houses like Jovani advise all girls to give up the idea of wearing every single one of the latest trends, and instead, choose timeless pieces that identify their type of beauty. Look to be elegant and sophisticated with style marked according to your age, your figure and your lifestyle. If you and your friends are about to go shopping for prom dresses to anticipate the biggest party in school life, choose a design you think represents you.


Find your colors


You may like a garment for its color, but before buying it, check-out if that color suits you in the first place. Maybe, the design stylizes your figure, but if the color is not in tune with your complexion, hair, and personality, then it won’t be the right choice. A fundamental principle is to create contrast: the vibrant tones are usually very flattering for dark skins while the deep colors look great on paler complexions.


Semi Formal vibe doesn’t fail


If you have been invited to an event for which there is no dress code, then wear semi-formal attire. Thus, you will not fall into the informal extreme if it turns out that everyone is dressed elegantly, nor will you feel out of place if most of the attendees dress casually. For example, if you are in your senior year of high school and the theme of the prom party is not strict, then you can choose outfits that mix elegance with a carefree vibe, such as prom cocktail short prom dresses.


Wear the best neckline for you


When choosing a top garment, you must be clear about the neckline style that best suits your bust, neck, and features. Try on different styles to define which one suits you best. The halter is perfect for girls with a big chest area- that can be better presented with an open back design- while girls with little bust can choose deep necklines like the V.


Look for comfort


The type of fashion that Jovani recommends the most refers to the fact that you must wear clothes that you feel comfortable with. It doesn’t mean wearing sports clothes every day, but that you wear clothes in which you feel pretty and above all, confident.


Too much skin


To monopolize the attention in a room, many girls fall into the area of showing too much skin. But this is not always the best option, especially if you like the most minimalist looks or want to wear an elegant outfit. Finding a balance is very simple: if you intend to show off your legs with a miniskirt, then don’t wear too much cleavage and, if you want to show off your bust and neck, then cover your legs as much as possible.

The biggest style tips to know for 2019

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