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The Latest Fashion Trends For Wedding Guests

  As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's recent royal wedding proved, wedding guest fashion has never been so important and stylish. As we enter the prime wedding season of 2018, many soon-to-be wedding guests may be wondering what the biggest fashion trends and styles are for this year. We've put together some of the hottest looks for those who are attending weddings. These wearable yet luxurious trends are daring, fashion-forward and perfect for most wedding themes or styles. They give you a sophisticated and flattering look for any wedding day. From bold colors, frills, embellishments and prints, wedding guest outfits are all about standing out. While the focal point will always be the bride and her fashion choices, guests are welcome to express their taste too. From short cocktail dresses to midi length pieces, these designs also suit a range of body types, plus size and women of all ages.…

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1 month ago

5 Sparkling Embellished Cocktail Dresses for Any Special Occasion

We all need at least one go-to cocktail dress in our wardrobes. A sparkling piece that immediately makes you feel beautiful and party-ready. A figure-hugging silhouette that highlights your figure in all the right places. You may love lighting up the dance-floor, or simply want to look your best for a party or Homecoming. These designs fuse modern features with an element of classic glamour. Their opulent details set them apart and make the wearer always stand out. We're looking at 5 amazing embellished short cocktail dresses that tick these boxes. With stunning and very intricate detailing, these luxurious designs will always shine. No matter what season or special occasion, they will fit in at almost any party or celebration. Having one of these dresses to hand means you're already prepared for any invitations that come your way. Slip one of these on and instantly head out the door for…

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1 year ago