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Top 5 Best Bridesmaid Dresses for 2017

  Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress is no easy task. Your bridesmaids may vary in skin tone, body shape and height. Thankfully, we're here to take a look at the best bridesmaid dress styles. We are going to showcase options that tick as many boxes as possible. Dresses that look simply beautiful on your chosen girl gang. It's about making them feel stunning as they pose for photographs and act as your back-up on this important occasion. As your wedding day approaches, you'll be getting together with your bridesmaids to make a some important sartorial decisions.  We hope to help guide your way to the perfect bridesmaid dress by taking a look at our favorite picks available for 2017. Along with choosing that dream wedding dress, you'll want to pick only the best for your special occasion. If you find the task overwhelming, turn your maid of honor for help. With such…

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1 year ago

Bridesmaid Dresses You’ll Love Forever

Bridesmaid dresses have garnered a bad reputation over the years. They are known as everything between the ridiculously overdone to the purposefully unflattering. They were a dark stain on the fashion world for the better part of a century. These old fashioned dresses were  to be worn once as a backdrop to the bride. Then photographed excessively, and kept as a thankfully distant memory in a dusty wedding album. Until recently. Recently, brides have been much kinder to their maids and matrons. They're allowing their dresses to shine alongside the beautiful white pièce de résistance wedding dress and creating a sartorially striking bridal party. One of the major wedding trends has seen brides deciding on a length and color and allowing the bridesmaids to take it from there. This makes for a more interesting tableau at the altar on the big day with a mix and match look. It also allows…

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2 years ago