What Do You Wear to a Winter Formal? Evening Dress Tips

Attending a Winter Formal is a great way to add some cheer to those gloomy cold days! Winter formals are often thrown by schools or other institutions that want to host a fun-filled formal event during the colder winter months. Much like prom, the dress code usually calls for a long formal dress.

The night might include dinner, a dance, and more special features such as awards or speeches.  You’ll want to make sure you look dressy and ready for the formal occasion.

You’ll need to find an elegant long evening dress that suits the event and may also be a practical fit if you’re from a place that gets very cold over the winter.

A Winter Formal or any type of Winter Dance may also have a theme (such as a holiday or snow theme), so double-check this information first. That way you can make sure your dress is a great match for any theme or color palette that’s likely to be a part of the night.

Once you have some idea of the type of dress that suits the event, it’s time to start shopping.


Top 5 Unique Prom Jumpsuits 2020

Prom 2020 is your time to shine. If you’re attending your prom night in the year to come, make it one to remember. As always, Jovani has designed an extensive range of prom dresses for you to select from. There’s such a broad spectrum of pieces for you to feel beautiful in. The variety available includes almost every dress silhouette you could imagine – from fitted to A-line, modest to sexy.

If you aren’t a girly girl and don’t usually wear dresses, or just love embracing a slightly more powerful/tailored look, don’t overlook the prom jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are becoming a top choice for prom night, especially with girls who want to look really chic and fashion-forward. Wearing a jumpsuit is still a little edgy and unique, so embrace it now while it’s a fresh look!

To look truly unique, find a jumpsuit that best suits your style and body type. Embrace a suited look that makes you feel comfortable, sexy and stunning for your special night.

To help inspire your fashion choices, we’re looking at our top 5 favorite prom jumpsuits for 2020 that are original and bound to capture all of the attention on your prom night.


Fab Five: The Best Holiday Dresses & Styling Tips

The holiday season is now fast approaching and we’re getting excited to glam-up and hit the town. No matter what type of event the holiday season brings you, Jovani has you covered. That includes cute holiday party dresses that are sexy and fierce, as well as elegant evening gowns for more formal affairs.

Today’s Fab Five will cover five of our favorite holiday dresses. These dresses seriously have it all. They dazzle, flatter and will make you the life of the holiday party.

There’s something else in addition to our usual Fab Five Friday post. We are also launching another series. Our Friday Freebie makeup giveaways!

We just adore our lipstick and lipgloss duo we are giving away. It’s seriously the perfect shade for just about any skin tone and lip. It takes a girl from a day at the office to a night out on the town.

Be sure to head over to our Twitter pages for Jovani & JVN to get the scoop on how to enter & win! Winners will be announced the following Thursday. Another chance to win will happen each Freebie Friday until we run out of the goodies.


A Guide for Choosing Alternative Wedding Dresses

It’s the moment you’ve been dreaming of. The man of your dreams has finally popped the question – congratulations! Now you’re sporting a gorgeous engagement ring, and it’s time to plan the wedding. After choosing a vision for the big day, you’ve chosen a venue.

Now it’s time for possibly the most fun and fabulous of all your wedding planning decisions. it’s time to say yes to the perfect dress. But which dress to choose?

For the past few decades, wedding dresses have had a similar look and feel. The fabric is a heavy formal fabric. They are usually in a traditional silhouette.

Traditional wedding dresses also usually consist of the following characteristics. They are white, simple, floor-length, and are quite often a ballgown or mermaid shape strapless dress. But what if the traditional look simply isn’t your style?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Jovani has plenty of stunning styles that have traditional elements. However, we also specialize in designing unique, stunning, and out of the box styles. These are perfect for a bride seeking an alternative wedding dress.

We want to make sure every bride finds ‘the one’


What’s In That Bag? 5 Things Every Girl Needs in Her Prom Purse

Prom night is a huge moment for any girl, and as well as the dress, your accessories count! Having the right bag can make or break your whole look, especially since it can carry so many important items inside!

Your friends and their dates are all gathering together for photos. Then it’s off to dinner and dancing. You’ve picked out the perfect dress, had your makeup done and your hair styled!

Your look is on point and you are ready to drop jaws and have the time of your life. But don’t forget to overlook one very important thing before you head out. Packing the perfect prom purse.

If you haven’t given so much as a second thought to what you’re going to pack in your purse on prom night, think again. The cute little clutch you picked out will be doing some heavy-duty lifting tonight. Its contents need to carry you from 6 pm dinner through a 6 am breakfast.

It will keep you going for everything in between. Luckily, we’ve taken the time to pen this handy guide to packing your purse. So read on, plan ahead, and take the night by storm with everything you need ready at a moment’s notice.

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