Top 5: Not So Basic Florals for Spring

Florals are an always classic print you can reach for time after time. The perfect way to usher in the spring months, a floral dress is an instant way to feel feminine, girly and gorgeous.

There’s no greater pick-me-up than a cheery floral print. They blossom on the runways during every spring-summer show. They somehow manage to continue to evolve and grow.

This season saw a myriad of takes on the trend, all of them wonderfully feminine and romantic. This included everything from soft and delicate appliques, to the bold Pop-Art prints. Each varietal made you stop and take a moment to appreciate its unique beauty. Isn’t that exactly what flowers were intended to do?

Have your own track-stopping moment in these five bloom-bedecked gowns:



Print Strapless Long Floral Dress

Blooming gorgeous! Vibrant aqua and coral hues practically scream island party. Any outdoor event would be all the brighter for their presence.

The close-fitting silhouette extends into an ultra-feminine mermaid skirt. Its shape echoed by the cape-like overlay extending from the strapless neckline. It’s modern design at its best.


The Best Nail Trends for Prom 2020

Just like hair and make-up, you can use your nails to express yourself. Prom night is one of those memorable moments where you have the chance to show off your own style. Your personal style should always include consideration of your beauty look.

That means considering hair, makeup, and nails when you’re picking out what to wear. This is done as you’re preparing everything for the important night. You’ll then be able to beautifully style your perfect prom dress.

Read on as we breakdown the top prom nail trends for the year to come. What’s trending in the nail art world often reflects wider beauty and fashion trends. You’ll have style literally at your fingertips if you decide to try out one of these top nail ideas for 2017.

Going Natural 

You’ll need to decide if you’ll use your natural nails or opt to add faux nails. If you can grow your nails yourself (nail biters beware!), going natural is a great option. Invest in a great cuticle oil and nail clippers so you can add shine to your nails.

You’ll also need to perfect creating the tip yourself and decide which tip shape you prefer: you can choose from rounded,


Fab Five: Best Strapless Mermaid Dresses

Love to show off your curves? We have found just the right silhouette for you. Be prepared to look effortlessly elegant for your next big formal event.

The mermaid dress is a classic evening gown silhouette. It hugs the form and features a skirt designed to create the shape of a mermaid’s tail. It makes any woman have a beautiful hourglass shape.

This popular dress style has a timeless fit that can be worn for so many occasions. It’s often worn for proms, weddings, evening events and so much more. It has a formal look that is so timelessly beautiful.

The mermaid gown takes its inspiration from the old Hollywood regency looks in the ’30s and ’40s. This dress style rose to become synonymous with elegance, refinement, and glamour. It’s now a vintage-inspired design that has been modernized.

Why Choose a Mermaid Dress?

Often favored for the red carpet, this dress is popular for a very good reason. It highlights a woman’s body beautifully. It creates a gorgeous curvy shape while keeping flattering proportions.

A strapless formal gown shows off the perfect amount of skin for formal events.


Top 5: Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

Snow is falling, mistletoe is hanging – the colder months are more romantic than you realize! If you’re attending a winter wedding, gear up to look at your most glam.

Few things in life are more romantic than that of a winter wedding held outside of the usual wedding season. Crisp air, warm fires, rich colors, and maybe a soft blanket of snow. A beautifully pristine background for a beautifully pristine love.

The mere thought of such an event makes the heart go pitter-patter. The cool temps can bring their style-related challenges for everyone from the bride (she’ll need a winter-appropriate wedding dress!) to that second cousin’s plus-one.  They also bring the opportunity to find a unique perfect dress as you witness someone’s big day.

They allow for a bevy of new materials, sleeve lengths, and silhouettes that would be out of place at a spring or summer scenario. This gives you the chance to wear a different type of formal dress. Pastels are sweet, but deep scarlet – now that’s a shade that will get the blood pumping.

Cotton is comfortable but hardly packs the same fashion punch as a heavy velvet.


How to Get 12 Types of Stains Out of Your Dress

We’ve all been there – our favorite dress is suddenly unwearable due to a noticeable stain. However, it doesn’t have to mean that you never get to wear your favorite design again. There are ways you can lift and remove those stubborn stains!

We recommend all of our dresses to be dry cleaned at first before attempted stain removal. If they are embellished, it should be only spot cleaned, beadings must be kept away from stain removal. Otherwise, any embellishments, bead-work or other sewn-in features will be damaged.

However, if you’re in a rush and want to quickly attempt to lift your stain, you can see our tips for removal techniques that can be tried on non-beaded dresses.

We’ve all been there. That clumsy moment when you spill a drop of red wine or sauce on your dress and panic sets in. You immediately worry that you’ll never be able to remove the stain.

This is a concern especially when attending a formal event such a prom or a wedding. If you find yourself with a stain, you don’t want to end up trying to cover it up in the bathroom all night.

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