Sweet 16 Dresses


Sweet 16 Dresses - QuinceaƱera Dresses

Jovani is a respected designer offering the most versatile designs, as shown by our sweet 16 dresses and sweet 15 dresses. Turning 16 is such a rite of passage for today's young women. For many young girls, it holds the promise of a magical new chapter in her life - beginning with her grand entrance into her party. Jovani is honored to provide the sweet 16 dresses for these special occasions. Because we recall our own special days, we have captured that moment and reflected into each of our dresses for the girl turning 16. A perfect combination of charm, innocence, and magic, our designs may make her parents bittersweet, but for the teenager, we know it is but a small piece of a larger puzzle that comes together as she steps into her future. These lovely dresses will provide the maturity she wishes to invoke while maintaining her parents sanity. We are honored to play a role in her new adventures and proudly offer these perfect dresses for the transition all girls must make when growing up.

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Bat Mitzvah Dresses

Yet another rite of passage that symbolizes new beginnings and faith into the future, our time honored Bat Mitzvah dresses are as important to a young girl as the faith she has in what is to come as well as what she is about to embark upon. Our line of Bat Mitzvah dresses offer tradition and class while paying respect for this sacred ceremony and familial spiritual service. We recognize the importance of this event and we honor this tradition with the offer of our beautiful dresses to mark this special occasion in a girl's life. In a time when tradition and rituals seem to go to the wayside, it is indeed a testament to all things important.

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