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Prom: Get the Hair to Match the Dress!

Now that you have the prom perfect dress, you need to get the hair to match! You may have something in mind for your special night, but you must keep in mind the style of your prom dress. There are many hairstyles designed to match different dresses. If you decide to go with a short prom dress, then keeping your hair down may be the way to go. Down and wavy complements a short dress very well. You could also wear it down and straight depending on the color, texture, style and cut. If you have a very detailed prom dress, then you may want to consider an up-do. This way, the main focus will be on your dress, and your “prom look” will be completely balanced. You want to look special, but not over-the-top. Look like yourself, just in your dream dress.

If you are confused, browse through catalogues and style books to get some ideas. Just think of all the different hairstyles you love, and then think of what will look best with your prom dress. Easier said than done. Having the wrong hair can ruin your entire prom look, and you definitely do not want that to happen. If you know you really want your hair up, but are wearing a simple dress, then try to think of a way to make your hair a little more intricate. Add waves. Waves always help add to a simpler look. Straight always tones down a loud look. An elegant prom dress goes great with a variety of styles, especially the popular twist around pony tail. It’s very easy and looks beautiful on everyone. Favorites for this season include braids and twists! They are stunning and can work with an array of dresses if done right. If you are wearing a one-shoulder dress, do a braid coming from the top of your head on the side opposite of the strap. This will balance you off, and polish your prom look. If you have a flowy dress, make some waves and twist them back. You’ll look like a Greek Goddess on your prom night! Now here is the important part, so prom goers listen carefully. Once you know the hairdo you want, then do a trial run! Whether you are getting it done or doing it yourself, you do not want to wait until the day of your prom to see how it actually looks. Sometimes you’ll see a hairstyle on someone else but not like how it looks on you. So you really have to prepare in advance! One last piece of advice, once you’ve found the hairstyle you love, check to see how it actually looks with your prom dress and accessories. You want to make sure everything is balanced and nothing is missing. It sounds like a lot of work, I know, but when your prom day arrives the process of getting ready will be painless—even joyous! You deserve to feel beautiful and flawless!

Finalize Your Prom Look

Prom dress—check. Hair—check. Makeup…?

Makeup can be one of the most difficult steps in preparing for your prom day. A lot of young girls think prom and think of all these crazy colors and end up over-doing it. You do not want that to happen. Be very cautious when it comes to finalizing your prom look. First, look at your prom dress and focus mainly on the colors. You do want your makeup to correlate with your dress to some degree. While it’s important to match your makeup shades with your dress somewhat, you must remember that less is more. Dark color shades can take away from the elegance of your dress. Light and subtle makeup will allow your natural beauty to surface and shine. Most likely it is going to be warm on your prom day, so really the less you wear the better. Eyes. This is the part where you can let your creativity run wild—again, to a certain degree. Look at your prom dress and try to find some tones that will look good with the dress, shoes and accessories. After you choose the theme for your eyes, then you need a shadow, liner and mascara to go with it. With your shadow, a color or a few different colors will work. Don’t go overboard though. With liner and mascara, navy or black colors are recommended for formal occasions. Stick with timeless and classic colors so that in five years from now, you won’t be looking back at pictures and saying ‘what was I thinking?’ Once you’re done with the eyes, all you really need is the bronzer, blush and a pretty lip gloss. (*Reminder: Don’t forget to bring your lip gloss, lipstick or liner in your purse for touch-ups throughout the night) Like with you hair, do a trial run on everything when it comes to your prom look. You want to be relaxed on the day of your prom, not wondering if you’re look is going to come together or not. The prom dress, the prom hair and makeup—practice everything at least once to make sure you are completely happy!