Senior Prom

Prom Dress

For seniors, the end of the school year means one thing, senior prom is here and you should have found that perfect prom dress. But don’t stress if you haven’t, because the good news is that Jovani is here to help!


When starting to shop, often you will have expectations and an image in your head of what you want this dress to look like. This can lead to frustration, as most dresses imagined and created in your head cannot be found on the shelves.


However, Jovani’s extensive collection spans over so many different looks that seeing their uniquely crafted and detailed gowns will quickly put a new dream dress image into your head.


Jovani offers dresses in different styles, colors, silhouettes, patterns and necklines to flatter all body-types and preferences. While you search for the perfect prom dress, take into consideration different lengths, fits, necklines and colors that you like. Look online to find your nearest Jovani retailer or visit to browse through Jovani’s prom collection for 2010. 


From different shapes to styles and colors, Jovani’s prom collection has a gown that will meet any girl’s criteria. Each dress features finely crafted detail, from layering of fabric to ruching, fringe embellishments, exposed zippers and patterns. No other designer can compare to Jovani’s unique dresses.


No longer does a prom dress need to be a simple, floor-length formal gown. With Jovani’s creative designs, you can make a bold statement with one of Jovani’s short prom dresses. Consider a tight-fitted jersey dress or a strapless sweetheart chiffon mini dress with a tulle-layered skirt. Go all out this year!


Jovani’s 2010 Prom Collection includes a wide selection of dresses from cocktail length to floor length, solid colors and bold patterns. Not to mention a variety of necklines that include strapless, halter, one- shoulder and spaghetti strap. Each of our floor length gowns feature one of our signature pattern prints or details that includes beading, ruffles and appliqués.  


Once you’ve decided on the prom dress, you can be relieved that the hardest part of preparing for the big night is complete. Look the best you could possibly look in your prom dress, and you can help to ensure that by considering a few factors.  


The time leading up to prom may cause some stress and anticipation over wanting the entire night to run smoothly. It is important to keep hydrated by drinking lots of water while stay nourished with foods that will boost your energy level. Breakfast is a must, as well as finding time for a quick trip to the gym earlier in the day that will help to get your endorphins up! Avoid crash dieting and keep your body nourished throughout the day, because you’ll need that energy to keep your body going all night!


Other tasks to be conscious of before the big day include hair and makeup. Find different styles you’ve seen in magazines and bring them to your hairdresser a week or so before prom. Make sure the style you choose frames your face well, goes along with the overall style of the dress, and most importantly—looks good when photographed! Don’t choose a new hairstyle the day of prom to avoid any dissatisfaction or unnecessary stress to your day. The same goes for makeup. If you are choosing to have your makeup professionally done, make an appointment (preferably the same day as your hair) and see how it all looks together. You want your makeup to look as natural as possible. If you want to add a little drama, play around with shadows and liners around the eyes. Don’t forget to add blush and a little bronzer on the cheeks and nose to make your face glow!


Prom is an exciting milestone in your life—a time that will be remembered forever. Wearing a Jovani design will make you feel and look like a princess on the inside and out, especially since each dress is created with the intent to make every girl’s fairytale evening come true!  What are you waiting for? Contact a fine Jovani retailer to find your prom dress today!