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JOVANI: More than just prom dresses…

A thorough girl’s guide to preparing for prom!

You’ve anticipated the big prom night for months, even years, and now finally it’s right around the corner. With just weeks to go, you’re frantically creating checklists and new approaches to preparing for the occasion. If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to right place. It’s no surprise that the whole prom preparation process can be stressful, even torturous. But what if we told you that it could be enjoyable and fun?! This is a memorable time in your life, so why not make it as stress-free as possible? The key is to plan ahead.

Prom styling

Once the prom dress is chosen, along with the matching shoes and accessories, you should move on to styling. By styling, we mean hair and makeup. Depending on the dress style and neckline, you can choose to have loose and flowy hair or to have a fabulous and classy up-do. With embellished and intricate necklines, such as beaded halters and detailed one-shoulder dresses, it is best to keep your hair swept up in a neat or slightly messy up-do. For simple necklines, such as strapless sweetheart and spaghetti strap dresses, you may want to jazz up the look with wild and wavy hair. When it comes to makeup, remember less is more when it comes to elegant styles. You don’t want your makeup to be too overdone and harsh looking. With light color dresses and vibrant pattern prints, light earth tone shades and shimmery tints work best. It’s important to choose colors that compliment your dress not overpower it. Strong dramatic eyes and darker makeup shades work best with simple, solid color dresses—especially darker color dresses.Most girls can agree that accessorizing can be one of the most joyous activities in life. From the shoes, to the bag and jewelry, the fun of looking and pulling different looks together can be endless. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind. When it comes to the shoe shopping, go for the stylish and more COMFORTABLE pair. You’re going to be on your feet and dancing for most of the night, there’s no need to suffer in those obscenely high and uncomfortable shoes-- (no matter how stylish they are!) As far as the evening bag…it should be small and elegant like an embellished clutch bag. You’re going to be carrying it around all night so only take the necessities (i.e. money and ID, lip gloss/lipstick and liner for touch ups, cell phone, keys and a personal item or two). Beaded clutch bags and light metallic color ones are very popular picks for this season, and they can be worn throughout summer. No need to pay the high price of brands like Judith Leiber and Lauren Merkin, but take a look their fabulous evening clutch bags for ideas. Complete your prom look with cool jewelry pieces. Glam it up or keep it simple and chic depending on how much detail your dress has. For those super embellished dresses (i.e. beaded, jeweled, sequin, etc…) keep it plain and elegant. Short-length necklaces work well with strapless and spaghetti strap necklines with little to no embellishment at the top/bust area. Adding a necklace to a halter style dress is definitely a big NO-NO! Long and dangly chandelier earrings are great with light and flowy chiffon dresses in vibrant colors/prints. Solid color dresses can have more jewelry—such as a large ring and multiple bangle bracelets.

How to look and feel your best before the big day

Eating well before the big day is extremely vital. You want to make sure you’re getting the proper vitamins and nutrients and that you’re not feeding your body solely with junk food. Eating right and exercising is important to your everyday life—especially when you want look your best. Contrary to the belief in crash dieting, denying the body of proper nutrition and a sufficient food intake can do more harm than good. Dieting in such a way is not only unhealthy, but it won’t make you lose weight. You may lose a few pounds, but at the expense of feeling unhealthy and low on energy. There’s nothing wrong with watching what you eat before the big day—reduce your sugar and complex carbohydrates (i.e. bread and pasta) intake. Drinking plenty of fluids, especially water is a MUST. Not only will your skin have a healthy glow, but your makeup will look fresher if you’re hydrated. You’re going to need lots of energy come prom day, so remember to have a satisfying and healthy breakfast (i.e. eggs and a piece of toast) before you start the preparation process. You’re going to be running around and on your feet all day long, not to mention your gown may weigh a few pounds, so don’t forget to give your body the nourishment it needs!

A glowing complexion

Everyone wants to have that bronze glow before the big day. Who doesn’t want to have a nice tan for all those prom pictures? This is especially true if you’re wearing a vibrant or multi-color print dress. While many in the past have relied on faux and indoor tanning to do the trick, sometimes this route can be problematic. When dealing with artificial tanning sprays (i.e. spray tans) there’s always that risk of looking a bit “orange” or “unnatural.” Don’t take a chance by leaving it all up to the last minute. Go ahead and do a trial run a few weeks before prom to see how it will look. Better yet, try the prom dress on to see how your complexion will look against the colors.