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As the weather begins to cool off for the fall season, students across the country are settling back into their day-to-day school routines. If you ask Jovani, though, we think you should spend time preparing for the best aspect of school: the fun! With homecoming passing us by, it’s time to start focusing on the next few major dances of the year, one, of course, being prom. Prom is a magical night for high school juniors and seniors so bring an ending to either their year, or high school career. Especially for seniors, it is their last chance to be with the students who they have often spent twelve years getting to know. While the night may be a goodbye for some, prom 2011 is also a night to leave a lasting final impression on classmates before graduation! This year, girls are focusing on showing those shoulders, arms, and backs! Suggested styles from Jovani designer dresses include corset and mermaid silhouettes to emphasize the feminine busts and curves in the waste. Beaded designs and sequences will be all the rage this year on that special night. Prom being a much more formal event than other school dances, ball gown dresses will not be uncommon. Simple and chic will be the theme for the night. A prom girls options are not limited to searching for only prom dresses either. If you are a girl who prefers to be fun and crazy as opposed to clean cut, a cocktail dress would easily pass you through the night. Or, if you are a girl who prefers to be especially classy, an evening gown may easily be as fitting. Shoes for prom should be comfortable and beautiful all at the same time. Remember, you are going to be dancing the night away. When wearing simple one-toned colors, such as black or white, try out wearing colored shoes to show your fun side! Animal prints are also always fun to wear. Cheetah print shoes would be gorgeous with a little black dress while zebra print shoes would be perfect with either a simple black, or simple white dress. With short, cocktail style dresses, the shoes are a highlight to the outfit, so don’t feel like you are being too picky if you are spending a length of time trying to find exactly what you want. Complete your designer dress with the right jewelry and right hair style. Since it is prom, diamonds will not be out-of-the ordinary. Many students will be striving to achieve a sophisticated look with a stone necklace and an up-do. If your date is planning on buying you a corsage, do not forget to discuss colors ahead of time. With that, you are ready to begin shopping for your dream dress out of Jovani’s new Prom 2011 collection. Also browse through the evening dresses, or for an extra special night, even the couture gowns and short prom dresses. Fill your night with the sparkling memories you have been dreaming of since the first day you walked onto your high schools campus. With the right dress, attitude, and stud of a date, we wish your night to be unforgettable in the best ways possible!

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