Look best for prom

Jovani wants you to look your best for prom!

As a top fashion designer, Jovani wants you to look your best for prom! Senior prom is one of the most memorable events in a high school girl’s life. It is one night out of the year where she can dress up in her most glamorous look and really impress her peers. Don’t blend in with the crowd this year, but turn heads in one of Jovani’s exquisite prom gowns or short dresses. From what dress to choose, to how to feel and look your best, Jovani has you covered to ensure you will have an amazing evening. With so many exquisite designs, choosing just one Jovani dress is nearly impossible. From the gorgeous and intricate bead detail, to exotic prints and bold colors, not to mention flattering silhouettes, there are a wide range of looks to choose from. But don’t let the stress of shopping get the best of you! Searching for the perfect prom gown can be overwhelming, but with a specific look in mind finding, what you want becomes much easier. Do your research before hitting the stores. Look at the latest red carpet trends and high fashion magazine spreads to see what styles are in. Pick a celebrity style or two that you liked and keep it in mind. Try to emulate their style in a color of your choice, as well as in a fit or length that best suits you. It is unlikely you will be able to find an exact replica of the celebrity style you’ve chosen, although, with Jovani you never know! Especially since Jovani can be seen on the likes of top celebrities like Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Kim Kardashian. However, if you discover that you can’t find a similar look to your favorite celebrity style, don’t fret. Simply remember the detailing of the dress you pictured yourself wearing. Was it floor length or knee-length? Chiffon or taffeta? One-strap or strapless? Even if the dress you desired was an A-line, one-shoulder chiffon gown, there may be a similar one-shoulder gown in a different color or with subtle embellishments that will look equally as stunning. Shopping with an open mind, along with some kind of vague idea, is the key to easily finding your perfect prom gown. After having selected your exquisite Jovani gown, the hardest and most important task in preparing for prom is complete! All that is left now are the final details to finishing off your look. Don’t give up after finding your dress, go the extra mile when it comes to picking out accessories such as shoes, jewelry, an evening bag, as well as hair and makeup! All these extra details are meant to enhance the dress not take away from it. First make sure that jewelry and accessory pieces are necessary, especially if your gown has a lot of bead embroidery and studded embellishments. One of the great perks about choosing a beaded gown or one with shiny details, is that your dress doesn’t need to be accessorized! However, if your dress requires a little “bling” always remember less is more! After you’ve decided on jewelry and other accessories, the next most important decision is what shoes to wear. Keep in mind that while you want your shoes to be stylish, they should also be practical. Besides all the walking, let’s not forget about the dancing that happens at prom! While removing your shoes is always an option (try bringing a pair of socks in your purse), you want to try to keep your shoes on for as long as possible. So remember—find shoes that are pretty AND comfortable! Lastly, it’s time for hair and makeup. Don’t wait until the day of prom to decide on a hairstyle and different makeup tones. Make sure you’ve played around with various styles, and have even photographed yourself prior to choosing the look. The goal for your prom hairstyle is to be flattering around the face and to look nice with your dress. If your dress is strapless you may want to try an up-do to elongate your neck, and if your dress has detailing on the straps and neckline an up-do will help to show this off. Soft curls generally go well with most necklines. The makeup you choose is very important as well. You want to make sure your makeup doesn’t change the way you look, but simply plays up your most beautiful features. If you’re going for more of a dramatic look, choose a dark, smoky-eye or a vibrant lip shade, but don’t play up both. Add a touch of blush or bronzer to your face for a nice glow, but do not apply bronzer all over to make you appear cakey or blotchy! Prom should be a night to always be remembered, and a chance for a young girl to shine. Jovani will truly make a prom girl look and feel like a princess on this special evening. Visit jovani.com to find a retailer closest to you. It’s never too early to start shopping and looking fabulous!