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Make Your Prom a “Red Carpet” Event!


Envious stars on the red carpet of various awards shows looking all perfect and glamorous? Turn prom into a “red carpet” event and dress like a celebrity in Jovani. Prom is one night where girls have an excuse to dress up in black-tie and formal couture gowns—just like Hollywood’s A-lists. Arrive at your next prom like you’re strutting down the red carpet and turn heads in a stunning Jovani gown from the 2010 Prom Collection. It doesn’t matter which celebrity fashion style you most idolize, because Jovani has a gown to fit any style. The 2010 Prom selection has a variety of looks that span from long, body-hugging and super glam gowns, to short and flirty cocktail dresses—both equally appropriate for prom! Glam it up on the red carpet like top celebs Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, by choosing a full-length Jovani Couture gown. Not to mention, our intricate bead embellishments, fitted bodices and bold patterns (such as animal and floral prints) will help you achieve this glamorous look. Once you are spotted wearing a Jovani gown, not only will heads turn but onlookers will ask the infamous question; “Who are you wearing?!” If downplaying your look is the direction you would like to go in, resemble natural beauties like Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Garner by selecting a more subtle yet beautiful gown. Choose from different selections like solid, one-shoulder chiffon gowns with ruffle details or strapless mermaid gowns with small jewel embellishments. When it comes to finding the right prom dress, the possibilities are endless with Jovani. No longer does black-tie formal call for floor-length gowns. Now more than ever you can wear a chic and sophisticated knee-length or mini cocktail dress without looking underdressed! With elegant details like ruffles, multiple tulle layers, rosettes, beaded lace embroidery and studded embellishments, each Jovani style is unique and will surely make you feel like a star! Jovani gowns are designed with all body shapes and styles in mind. Plus size women no longer have to stress if a dress will flatter their body, as Jovani offers styles in all sizes 0-24. To flatter your mid-section, choose an empire waist gown with intricate necklines such as halter and keyhole styles, as well as embellishments at the top of the gown or that fall directly under the bust. This will divert attention away from your waist and hips, and will show off your sexy neckline and shoulders. You can display those legs by choosing a knee-length dress or a long gown with a sexy high slit. Once the Jovani gown is chosen, you are almost red carpet ready! But don’t forget to polish off your look with the right hair, makeup and accessories. Keep in mind the celebrity you want to emulate when choosing your new prom gown. Next, research the fabulous celebrity and see what hairstyles she was worn to past red carpet events. If you are wearing a strapless gown, having an up-do can help extend your neck and chest, making you look taller and leaner. You can also choose an up-do style if you are wearing a heavily embellished dress with an intricate neckline to avoid overdoing the look or drawing attention away from the dress. If your gown is a simple solid color or has a subtle neckline, choose a sleek blowout or loose waves to add more style to the look. Make sure you are picture perfect from head to toe. Enhance your look with dramatic smoky eyes or a red lip shade, but emphasize on only one feature. If your dress is a neutral shade, have fun playing around with light and classic nail polish colors. Choose a bold red or darker purple, but stray away from the season’s trendy colors like yellow, teal or gray. Don’t draw attention away from the dress with a flashy color on your fingers. If you feel prom is starting to cost a cent too much, opt out on the mani/pedi and pick up your favorite colors from a local drug store. Ask your mom or a friend to help out with the painting so the color doesn’t get smudged. With the right clutch or small shoulder bag and shoes, your look will be utterly complete! Prom should be a night to remember, so why not turn it into your own personal “red carpet” event?! Be the star of the night and have all eyes on you. Browse through the exquisite and unique collections or look online to find your nearest Jovani retailer. Don’t wait! Looking and feeling like a Hollywood celebrity is easier than you think!

TeenProm: StyleMakers


What is the best part about making prom dresses?
Seeing girls stand out in one of our dresses. Our customers are always sending us photos and letters extolling how the dress made them feel special. They even post pictures of themselves in Jovani dresses on our facebook page. We love it!


How many Facebook fans do you have?
We have over 7,600 fans! We are always looking for ways to connect with our customers, like Social Rocks, an interactive website and educational tool, that we’ll be launching in early 2010.


Which celebrities have worn your gowns? Well Taylor Swift is a big fan. In fact, she is wearing a Jovani dress on her tour this year, and she chose two different dresses for her video “You Belong With Me”. Other celebrities like Shenae Grimes, the Kardashian sisters, Selena Gomez, and Carrie Underwood, also have worn our dresses, to name just a few!


What are the styles are hot this prom season? This year we were all over zipper detailing, banded bodices and cocktail-length dresses. There are also interesting prints, from wild animal patterns to more traditional florals. Black-and-white styles are also popular when they have details like an open back or embellished neckline.

Are there any vintage styles from a certain time period that you love and are inspired by? It depends on the mood of fashion. Right now, the 80’s are in, so we’re embracing neon’s, ruffles, and polka dots and, believe it or not, even shoulder pads!


What is your advice for girls when shopping for a prom dress? Don’t forget about accessories and have fun with them – put on oversized earrings with a strapless gown, wear tall, strappy heels with short dresses.

Prom Dress

For seniors, the end of the school year means one thing, senior prom is here and you should have found that perfect prom dress. But don’t stress if you haven’t, because the good news is that Jovani is here to help!


When starting to shop, often you will have expectations and an image in your head of what you want this dress to look like. This can lead to frustration, as most dresses imagined and created in your head cannot be found on the shelves.


However, Jovani’s extensive collection spans over so many different looks that seeing their uniquely crafted and detailed gowns will quickly put a new dream dress image into your head.


Jovani offers dresses in different styles, colors, silhouettes, patterns and necklines to flatter all body-types and preferences. While you search for the perfect prom dress, take into consideration different lengths, fits, necklines and colors that you like. Look online to find your nearest Jovani retailer or visit to browse through Jovani’s prom collection for 2010. 


From different shapes to styles and colors, Jovani’s prom collection has a gown that will meet any girl’s criteria. Each dress features finely crafted detail, from layering of fabric to ruching, fringe embellishments, exposed zippers and patterns. No other designer can compare to Jovani’s unique dresses.


No longer does a prom dress need to be a simple, floor-length formal gown. With Jovani’s creative designs, you can make a bold statement with one of Jovani’s short prom dresses. Consider a tight-fitted jersey dress or a strapless sweetheart chiffon mini dress with a tulle-layered skirt. Go all out this year!


Jovani’s 2010 Prom Collection includes a wide selection of dresses from cocktail length to floor length, solid colors and bold patterns. Not to mention a variety of necklines that include strapless, halter, one- shoulderand spaghetti strap. Each of our floor length gowns feature one of our signature pattern prints or details that includes beading, ruffles and appliqués.  


Once you’ve decided on the prom dress, you can be relieved that the hardest part of preparing for the big night is complete. Look the best you could possibly look in your prom dress, and you can help to ensure that by considering a few factors.  


The time leading up to prom may cause some stress and anticipation over wanting the entire night to run smoothly. It is important to keep hydrated by drinking lots of water while stay nourished with foods that will boost your energy level. Breakfast is a must, as well as finding time for a quick trip to the gym earlier in the day that will help to get your endorphins up! Avoid crash dieting and keep your body nourished throughout the day, because you’ll need that energy to keep your body going all night!


Other tasks to be conscious of before the big day include hair and makeup. Find different styles you’ve seen in magazines and bring them to your hairdresser a week or so before prom. Make sure the style you choose frames your face well, goes along with the overall style of the dress, and most importantly—looks good when photographed! Don’t choose a new hairstyle the day of prom to avoid any dissatisfaction or unnecessary stress to your day. The same goes for makeup. If you are choosing to have your makeup professionally done, make an appointment (preferably the same day as your hair) and see how it all looks together. You want your makeup to look as natural as possible. If you want to add a little drama, play around with shadows and liners around the eyes. Don’t forget to add blush and a little bronzer on the cheeks and nose to make your face glow!


Prom is an exciting milestone in your life—a time that will be remembered forever. Wearing a Jovani design will make you feel and look like a princess on the inside and out, especially since each dress is created with the intent to make every girl’s fairytale evening come true!  What are you waiting for? Contact a fine Jovani retailer to find your prom dress today!

JOVANI: More than just prom dresses…

A thorough girl’s guide to preparing for prom!

You’ve anticipated the big prom night for months, even years, and now finally it’s right around the corner. With just weeks to go, you’re frantically creating checklists and new approaches to preparing for the occasion. If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to right place. It’s no surprise that the whole prom preparation process can be stressful, even torturous. But what if we told you that it could be enjoyable and fun?! This is a memorable time in your life, so why not make it as stress-free as possible? The key is to plan ahead.

Prom styling

Once the prom dress is chosen, along with the matching shoes and accessories, you should move on to styling. By styling, we mean hair and makeup. Depending on the dress style and neckline, you can choose to have loose and flowy hair or to have a fabulous and classy up-do. With embellished and intricate necklines, such as beaded halters and detailed one-shoulder dresses, it is best to keep your hair swept up in a neat or slightly messy up-do. For simple necklines, such as strapless sweetheart and spaghetti strap dresses, you may want to jazz up the look with wild and wavy hair. When it comes to makeup, remember less is more when it comes to elegant styles. You don’t want your makeup to be too overdone and harsh looking. With light color dresses and vibrant pattern prints, light earth tone shades and shimmery tints work best. It’s important to choose colors that compliment your dress not overpower it. Strong dramatic eyes and darker makeup shades work best with simple, solid color dresses—especially darker color dresses.Most girls can agree that accessorizing can be one of the most joyous activities in life. From the shoes, to the bag and jewelry, the fun of looking and pulling different looks together can be endless. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind. When it comes to the shoe shopping, go for the stylish and more COMFORTABLE pair. You’re going to be on your feet and dancing for most of the night, there’s no need to suffer in those obscenely high and uncomfortable shoes-- (no matter how stylish they are!) As far as the evening bag…it should be small and elegant like an embellished clutch bag. You’re going to be carrying it around all night so only take the necessities (i.e. money and ID, lip gloss/lipstick and liner for touch ups, cell phone, keys and a personal item or two). Beaded clutch bags and light metallic color ones are very popular picks for this season, and they can be worn throughout summer. No need to pay the high price of brands like Judith Leiber and Lauren Merkin, but take a look their fabulous evening clutch bags for ideas. Complete your prom look with cool jewelry pieces. Glam it up or keep it simple and chic depending on how much detail your dress has. For those super embellished dresses (i.e. beaded, jeweled, sequin, etc…) keep it plain and elegant. Short-length necklaces work well with strapless and spaghetti strap necklines with little to no embellishment at the top/bust area. Adding a necklace to a halter style dress is definitely a big NO-NO! Long and dangly chandelier earrings are great with light and flowy chiffon dresses in vibrant colors/prints. Solid color dresses can have more jewelry—such as a large ring and multiple bangle bracelets.

How to look and feel your best before the big day

Eating well before the big day is extremely vital. You want to make sure you’re getting the proper vitamins and nutrients and that you’re not feeding your body solely with junk food. Eating right and exercising is important to your everyday life—especially when you want look your best. Contrary to the belief in crash dieting, denying the body of proper nutrition and a sufficient food intake can do more harm than good. Dieting in such a way is not only unhealthy, but it won’t make you lose weight. You may lose a few pounds, but at the expense of feeling unhealthy and low on energy. There’s nothing wrong with watching what you eat before the big day—reduce your sugar and complex carbohydrates (i.e. bread and pasta) intake. Drinking plenty of fluids, especially water is a MUST. Not only will your skin have a healthy glow, but your makeup will look fresher if you’re hydrated. You’re going to need lots of energy come prom day, so remember to have a satisfying and healthy breakfast (i.e. eggs and a piece of toast) before you start the preparation process. You’re going to be running around and on your feet all day long, not to mention your gown may weigh a few pounds, so don’t forget to give your body the nourishment it needs!

A glowing complexion

Everyone wants to have that bronze glow before the big day. Who doesn’t want to have a nice tan for all those prom pictures? This is especially true if you’re wearing a vibrant or multi-color print dress. While many in the past have relied on faux and indoor tanning to do the trick, sometimes this route can be problematic. When dealing with artificial tanning sprays (i.e. spray tans) there’s always that risk of looking a bit “orange” or “unnatural.” Don’t take a chance by leaving it all up to the last minute. Go ahead and do a trial run a few weeks before prom to see how it will look. Better yet, try the prom dress on to see how your complexion will look against the colors.

Prom: Get the Hair to Match the Dress!

Now that you have the prom perfect dress, you need to get the hair to match! You may have something in mind for your special night, but you must keep in mind the style of your prom dress. There are many hairstyles designed to match different dresses. If you decide to go with a short prom dress, then keeping your hair down may be the way to go. Down and wavy complements a short dress very well. You could also wear it down and straight depending on the color, texture, style and cut. If you have a very detailed prom dress, then you may want to consider an up-do. This way, the main focus will be on your dress, and your “prom look” will be completely balanced. You want to look special, but not over-the-top. Look like yourself, just in your dream dress. If you are confused, browse through catalogues and style books to get some ideas. Just think of all the different hairstyles you love, and then think of what will look best with your prom dress. Easier said than done. Having the wrong hair can ruin your entire prom look, and you definitely do not want that to happen. If you know you really want your hair up, but are wearing a simple dress, then try to think of a way to make your hair a little more intricate. Add waves. Waves always help add to a simpler look. Straight always tones down a loud look. An elegant prom dress goes great with a variety of styles, especially the popular twist around pony tail. It’s very easy and looks beautiful on everyone. Favorites for this season include braids and twists! They are stunning and can work with an array of dresses if done right. If you are wearing a one-shoulder dress, do a braid coming from the top of your head on the side opposite of the strap. This will balance you off, and polish your prom look. If you have a flowy dress, make some waves and twist them back. You’ll look like a Greek Goddess on your prom night! Now here is the important part, so prom goers listen carefully. Once you know the hairdo you want, then do a trial run! Whether you are getting it done or doing it yourself, you do not want to wait until the day of your prom to see how it actually looks. Sometimes you’ll see a hairstyle on someone else but not like how it looks on you. So you really have to prepare in advance! One last piece of advice, once you’ve found the hairstyle you love, check to see how it actually looks with your prom dress and accessories. You want to make sure everything is balanced and nothing is missing. It sounds like a lot of work, I know, but when your prom day arrives the process of getting ready will be painless—even joyous! You deserve to feel beautiful and flawless!

Finalize Your Prom Look

Finalize Your Prom Look Prom dress—check. Hair—check. Makeup…?
Makeup can be one of the most difficult steps in preparing for your prom day. A lot of young girls think prom and think of all these crazy colors and end up over-doing it. You do not want that to happen. Be very cautious when it comes to finalizing your prom look. First, look at your prom dress and focus mainly on the colors. You do want your makeup to correlate with your dress to some degree. While it’s important to match your makeup shades with your dress somewhat, you must remember that less is more. Dark color shades can take away from the elegance of your dress. Light and subtle makeup will allow your natural beauty to surface and shine. Most likely it is going to be warm on your prom day, so really the less you wear the better. Eyes. This is the part where you can let your creativity run wild—again, to a certain degree. Look at your prom dress and try to find some tones that will look good with the dress, shoes and accessories. After you choose the theme for your eyes, then you need a shadow, liner and mascara to go with it. With your shadow, a color or a few different colors will work. Don’t go overboard though. With liner and mascara, navy or black colors are recommended for formal occasions. Stick with timeless and classic colors so that in five years from now, you won’t be looking back at pictures and saying ‘what was I thinking?’ Once you’re done with the eyes, all you really need is the bronzer, blush and a pretty lip gloss. (*Reminder: Don’t forget to bring your lip gloss, lipstick or liner in your purse for touch-ups throughout the night) Like with you hair, do a trial run on everything when it comes to your prom look. You want to be relaxed on the day of your prom, not wondering if you’re look is going to come together or not. The prom dress, the prom hair and makeup—practice everything at least once to make sure you are completely happy!