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Prom Dresses The senior prom is an American tradition that began in the 1920’s as a way to bring all high school students together. It is an American right of passage during prom for girls to get “glammed-up” and to dress to impress. Since the creation of prom, traditions have changed and proper prom attire has evolved. As the years have gone by, past trends are still relevant in today’s fashion realm. From 1920’s flapper gowns, to ‘50’s rock n’ roll style and poodle skirts, to the electric colors of ‘80’s, today’s fashion reflects a sense of each decade. Attending senior prom and wearing a gorgeous gown of your choice, is a chance to be part of America’s fashion culture. No matter what type of look you prefer, a Jovani gown will make you stand out among the rest, as well as mark your place in fashion history! For your senior prom, take notice of iconic looks and trends from the previous decades. See if you can gain inspiration from these evolving styles. With the endless selection of stunning Jovani designs, you will find a style that best suits you. Love the glamour and flare of the 1920’s? Jovani puts a modern twist on the classic 20’s flapper look.

Incorporating fringe, satin, feathers and lace into their gowns, Jovani re-creates a flapper dress into a contemporary gown, perfect for prom. Embrace your femininity and confidence like women of the past when you put on a floor-length gown with a lace overlay or a strapless mini dress with a feathered bottom. If you wish you could have been a part of the 1950s style, look to Jovani for designs that incorporate this super girlish flare. The 50’s were a time of change for women’s fashion. Two extreme looks were present during this time: the preppy, poodle skirt look that include sweaters, wrap dresses, pencil skirts and mary-janes. The second being, the biker-chick look that includes leather jackets and tight leggings –(remember Grease Lightning?!) No matter which look you are inspired by, Jovani has detailing in their gowns that any ‘50’s fanatic will love! Their poufy, tulle-layered skirts seen in long and short dresses, are reminiscent of the poodle skirt silhouette. Even their ultra-fitted styles and bodices are similar to the pencil skirt trend of the ’50’s. Look ultra-chic in any of these embellished prom styles from Jovani. Trends of the 1980’s include bold colors and geometric pattern prints, which have made a huge comeback to contemporary fashion. Jovani embraces vibrant colors in many of their gowns, which is perfect for darkish/tan skin tones. Whether you prefer long or cocktail length, Jovani has a style for you.

Choose a floor-length gown with an exotic animal print, or a solid corset style (think 80’s Material Girl). Go in another direction by choosing a long, body-hugging jersey gown in a bright shade. If you prefer bold patterns with subtle colors, a two-tone geometric style would be great for you. The 1980’s were a time for fun and wild fashion statements, so why not take a risk this prom with a head-turning gown from Jovani?! Fast-forwarding to the new millennium, we can discover the newest trends and styles. If revisiting the past didn’t help you realize your dream prom look, don’t worry. Jovani has many fashion-forward pieces. Fit for Hollywood’s biggest stars, Jovani’s couture gowns have been spotted on the likes of singers Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. Jovani’s meticulous bead detail and hand-sewn embellishments make each dress unique from all other designers. If beading is not what you desire, choose a timeless style in a solid color that shocks with an exposed back and chain trimming. Whether you prefer to bring history back to life, or simply choose to rock a sleek and modern look, you will look like an absolute fashionista on prom night. With elegant detail and signature designs, wearing a Jovani gown will make heads turn and you feel like a princess. You can take part of a great American tradition at this year’s prom, and you can help make fashion history in Jovani!