Plus Size Dresses Available

Jovani's line of plus size formal dresses offer style and comfort. The formal events in our life demand elegance and style. Whether you prefer a shorter skirt or one of our stunning full-length gowns, we have available a selection of plus size formal dresses . We have recently updated our collection and are proud to offer these stunning dresses. If you are searching for that beautiful red gown for your awards ceremony, you are sure to find the perfect dress with Jovani. Our designer dresses are varied, yet each is alike in quality and style. We have other occasion-specific lines as well, including our bridal party dresses. Jovani is the premier designer for all things formal. We honor your beauty and style with our plus size dresses and accessories.

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Bridal Party Dresses

Choosing your bridal party dresses has never been more exciting. Jovani proudly releases its new line of fabrics and colors. If you are seeking a more red carpet dress or are drawn to the more classic and refined looks of a simple gown, Jovani has what you are seeking. You will know it when you say, "Yes. That's it." We have shops and boutiques that can assist with any alterations and we guarantee our purchases. Have you seen a celebrity and wondered who designed her gown? Perhaps you're interested in recreating that look. There's an excellent chance that half the battle is won if Jovani designed the dress. One stroll through our online celebrity site can yield excellent results - you may just find what you define as perfection. Whether you seek a sleek calf-length creation or prefer a fuller, floor length choice, Jovani can provide your bridal dresses custom made to your specific requests and needs. When you thinking wedding, think Jovani.