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Pageant Gowns

Pageant GownsThe Jovani line of pageant gowns is undergoing revisions for the new pageant season. Promised as "the softest, feminine, yet brutally competitive," we are as eager for these pageant gowns as our beauty queens are. The new styles and fabrics further enhance these beautiful dresses. Before the new arrivals, browse our online dresses to view our sales, offered at a discount. Designer dresses don't have to be unaffordable. You have hair and nails that are also a priority, after all. Please let us know if our consultants can be of any assistance during your online transaction. If you prefer, you may visit any of our boutiques or dress shops for personalized attention.

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Discount Designer Dresses Just Added

Not to be confused with "dated," we have recently added to our extensive collection of discount designer dresses as follows:

  • Some of these dresses are exact replicas of styles recently seen on the red carpet.
  • We have discounted these lovely dresses and gowns to make room for the new season's fresh arrivals.
  • We have simply made some of our dresses a bit more affordable.
  • Many of our retail partners participate in our programs of discount designer dresses as well. Consider visiting one of our boutiques for specific selections of their inventories.

The Beauty Queen's Stunning Pageant Dresses

Jovani has always been a favored designer of the pageant circuit. We have answered the call yet again with our new arrivals. Our beautiful assortments of pageant dresses and gowns symbolize class and femininity. We are proud to be the designer of beauty queens worldwide. When it's time to select their wardrobes during pageant season, they turn to Jovani. If your pageant dresses are ever not to your specific requirements, Jovani stands ready to ensure your superior tastes are never compromised and will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you wish for. Please see our website for specifics, as well as a listing of our nationwide boutiques and dress shops.



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