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Homecoming Looking great is only half the battle when attending homecoming. The other half is feeling great. While Jovani has gorgeous gowns to make you look elegant, Jovani also wants to help you feel great. Jovani offers tips to help you feel your best from the inside out. What gown you choose to wear can only look as good as you feel in it. Let the dress come second, and put yourself first when preparing for your homecoming dance. Summer has begun, which means homecoming is just around the corner! Summer is a great opportunity to take the time to get yourself looking and feeling the best that you can. During the summer the weather is nicer, the sun is always shining, the stress of school is gone, and most importantly, you have more free time. The first step to feeling great is getting yourself in shape. When you’re living in a climate with four distinct seasons, it is easy to hibernate during the winter. Often during the cold winter months, a routine schedule develops, which can entail waking up, going to school, perhaps participating in after school activities and rushing back home to the warm indoors. Over the summer, naturally you are going to be more active and more inclined to spend more time outdoors. This makes getting in shape much easier. For some, going to the gym is as horrible as taking a calculus final. So don’t torture yourself. Getting in shape doesn’t need to be done in the traditional way of going to the gym and spending half your time on cardio and the other half lifting weights. Simply living a healthier and more active lifestyle will do the trick. Be conscious over the summer of walking more to get around and less driving. You can even opt to ride your bike. Walking and riding a bike will get you to the places you need to go, while at the same time, speeding up your heart rate and giving you a quick workout. Take advantage of the summer weather and offer to do more outdoor chores around the house. If you have a dog, offer to take him or her out for a short walk a few times a week. This will get you on your parent’s good side, as well as constitute as your weekly workout. Walking is a great way to exercise, and having your dog is a perfect reason to take a stroll and soak in the sunshine. If you’re feeling motivated, you can always take your dog for a jog. If you have an active pet, chances are they will appreciate the fast pace and keep you going the whole time. If your summer plans entail spending lots of time going to the beach or pool, friends, that’s great too! Taking time off can be very relaxing and great for your mind and body. When you are not stressed, your body can relax, your immune system becomes stronger, and your complexion may improve as well. While you’re near a pool or body of water, jump into the water and try to swim some laps. Swimming is a great type of exercise, and let’s face it—you know you’ll get bored by just sunbathing. If jumping into the water isn’t your idea of fun, why not bring a volleyball or soccer ball to the beach with you. Getting all your friends together for a nice game of volleyball, catch or soccer is fun and a great way to be active. While you’re spending lots of time outside, the most important thing to remember is to ALWAYS to wear sunscreen. When you leave your house, don’t forget to lather up with sun block before exposing yourself to the intense sunrays. Besides wearing sun block from a health standpoint, it will keep your skin looking healthy physically. Sun burnt skin never looks good on anyone. If you go through the summer months consciously staying active and keeping your skin looking healthy, you are already doing all the right things! Feeling content with your body and physical appearance is the best accessory to any gown. Visit and find a retailer closest to you. Have fun feeling confident, and the next step will be to find a Jovani gown that enhances the way you feel. You deserve to look like a princess for your homecoming! You can light up the room when you arrive in a gorgeous Jovani gown. What better way to start off the school year?!