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Attending a formal event? Look to Jovani for your perfect evening gown. Jovani’s 2011 evening collection includes stunning gowns appropriate for many different occasions. Jovani’s Collection entails gorgeous and unique dresses in all different styles. From a variety of colors, fabrics and silhouettes, Jovani has many different looks to choose from.


Don’t be scared of color for your formal event! Embrace a gown in a beautiful color for a head-turning look that will surely spice up your evening. From jewel tones to pastels, Jovani has gorgeous designs in all different shades. A great colored gown will not only enhance your features, but will also set you apart from others.


Dare to be bold. Why not choose a vibrant red gown? Blonde, brunette and auburn—no matter your hair or skin coloring, red is flattering on everyone. For something vivacious, try a strapless red gown in chiffon fabric with textured layers. A floor-length, jersey halter gown with jeweled detail along the neckline is another gorgeous way to wear red. Jeweled accents can look incredibly stunning and can dress up any style. Especially when it comes to jersey dresses, making it more appropriate for a formal event. Step out of the box for this event in a dazzling red gown!


If you prefer a color that has a more subtle look, choosing a gown in deep purple or teal is a great way to look elegant without appearing too over the top. These two colors, including royal blue, are all jeweled tones that will help to give your gown a more elegant touch. An off-the-shoulder, chiffon gown with tiered layers is a light and exquisite option. If you prefer a different look, opt for a one-shoulder taffeta gown with rosette detailing along a fitted bodice.


For fall, choose a dark maroon or navy-colored dress. A floor-length, blue silk gown with jewel detail along the straps and a fitted corset bodice, is exquisite and appropriate for the season. While the weather starts to get colder in the fall, you don’t have to cover up your entire body. Having bare arms or shoulders with a floor-length style, is the perfect way to keep it sexy while looking weather appropriate. The warm weather may be ending, but you can still bare skin without looking too summery. Bring out those darker colors and shades again. Not to mention, heavier fabrics that will keep you feeling warm. A one-shoulder gown in light pink appears very lightweight and breezy; however, in a navy or dark color it will still look beautiful and seasonal for fall.

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Another way to make your gown a little more unique is to choose a bold pattern print instead of a solid color. A print will add excitement to your dress and is a sure way to get noticed! A vibrant pattern will give others a bit more to look at. Jovani has unique patterns and prints that set aside their dresses from all other designers. Whether you prefer animal print, floral or geometric shapes, Jovani has a beautiful print gown for you. A dark teal mermaid gown with floral embroidery is a fun and elegant way to wear an evening gown.


Another great pattern dress to look at is a striped black and white fitted silhouette. The color blocking on a striped gown gives the dress an abstract look, which can be very flattering. The uneven lines on the bodice distract viewers’ eyes, therefore hiding unwanted curves. The fitted style gives off a sexy feel. Try a gown like this is in satin, which will make the dress appear shiny and more formal.


If you want to stay classic with a black dress, Jovani’s 2011 evening collection adds flavor to a typical black evening gown. With exquisite detailing and beautiful silhouettes, Jovani takes a simple black dress even further.


At Jovani, there’s something suitable for every women and girl for every formal event. Don’t settle for typical…and no one does intricate details like this! Visit to browse through the entire Collection and to find an authorized retailer nearest you!