DesignerEvening Dresses will be available this week.

Functions, red carpet events, and dinner parties are not the only places a person may wear an evening gown. Special occasion dresses rage in events from birthdays to weddings, anniversaries to the Oscars. If an event calls for a night of elegance and formality, an evening dress is what to wear. Where is there a better place to look for one of these gowns other than nationally acclaimed design company Jovani? Creating the most eloquent and unique pieces available to the public, we are here to challenge you not to find a dress. There is something spectacular made for every girl, and we believe it would be impossible to look through this years collection and not fall in love with something stunning. Where thousands of pictures are going to be taken, one must always be mindful of their position at the event in correspondence to what they are wearing. Mothers-of-the-bride ultimately represent their daughters and should do so in a positive way by dressing elegantly and appropriately. Soon to be mother-in-laws also carry the weight of looking beautiful over their shoulders. With so many options from the Jovani evening gown collection, this is simple to do! Out collection carries every type of gown in the most beautiful colors imaginable. The formal dresses come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking to a more business oriented dress with a jacket that is perfect for an office party or a flowing gown that trains onto the floor that is ideal for a wedding, Jovani has it made. Mermaid dresses are the trend of the 2011 season, and they are sizzling hot. Best selling by most fashion companies right now happens the be the mermaid dress with a flaring layered bottom. Also popular are one shoulder, asymmetrical pieces. Asymmetrical pieces give women the illusiveness of seeming mysterious and complicated. Mix one of those dresses with a dark smoky eye, and there is no going wrong. Designs are inspired from vivid colors that stand out to the eye, creating even more of a reason for people to look at you in your designer dress with envy! Soft greens work great for outdoor events and gatherings such as a day at the racetrack. The fiery reds are excellent for sexy dates in the city. Either way, whatever occasion, we have it. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride? Well, if you are going to be a bridesmaid in a Jovani piece, there is no reason not to smile! You will feel as beautiful as the bride on her big day. Wearing somewhat lighter shades of color would be the best decision. If you would prefer to have a bit of a sexier look, we would suggest a darker colored strapless dress showing a bit of skin. Like the many celebrities who have worn one of our evening Dresses, including Taylor Swift, you too will have the confidence needed to take on the world with the help of Jovani. Relax! Whatever dress you choose from our collection will be amazing, we have designed the dresses to do so. Be mindful of the occasion, weather, and you’re relation to the event as you are shopping. This is the most fun type of dress to shop for though so loosen up and be ready to be amazed with the glorious designs you are about to see. Best of luck from Jovani to you!