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Glee was all the rage at this year’s Emmy’s and who doesn’t love watching young, fabulous stars sing and dance to old time classics. Aside from being incredibly talented, these stars have fashion down pat—and it showed at this year’s Emmys! From classic to ultra trendy, the stars of Glee looked glamorous this season. Why not look to these stars when choosing your look for a formal event out? Jovani’s 2011 evening collection has beautiful and exquisite gowns fit for the stars, as well as pieces that will be perfect to achieve the different “Gleeks” looks from this year’s Emmy’s for your night out. The ladies of Glee all stepped out wearing very different looks to this year’s Emmy’s. From cute, to racy or elegant, the women of glee had no fashion limits! No matter your style and taste, you will love one of the characters’ look. Choose which gown best suits you or is your absolute favorite, and turn to Jovani to help you find the perfect gown. Whether you are attending prom, homecoming or a formal evening event, Jovani has a stunning gown suitable for you! Big stars, Jane Lynch and Lea Michele both opted for sophisticated and exquisite taffeta, floor-length gowns. Lea Michele chose a dramatic navy gown, a very popular color on the Emmy’s red carpet. While Jane Lynch wore a simpler gown in deep purple. Both gowns had stunning detailing from large ruching at the bottom, to an embellished one-shoulder, as well as fitted bodices and A-line silhouettes. All these details can be found amongst Jovani’s stunning evening gowns. Why not chose a one-shoulder, navy gown with a fitted bodice and A-line bottom silhouette to recreate Lea Michele’s winning look? A gown like this is sure to make you look and feel truly elegant. For a more simple look, like Jane Lynch, opting for an off-the-shoulder taffeta gown in deep purple is a perfect and understated way to go. Naya Rivera also chose a floor-length taffeta gown, but took a risk by opting for a more skin-baring style. Her teal strapless gown featured a tiered bodice with ruched detail and a thigh-high slit. To recreate a sexy and still classy look like Naya, choose between a tiered beautiful gown with an A-line skirt or a strapless taffeta gown with a side broach and layers. Avoid revealing too much skin for a formal event. If your shoulders and arms are bare, no need to show off your legs as well. Jayma Mays and Jenna Ushkowitz both chose light and beautiful chiffon gowns. Jayme’s gown had a fitted bodice with vertical pleats flowing into subtle fringes, while Jenna wore a looser gown with straps. Jovani’s 2011 evening gown collection has gorgeous and stunning chiffon gowns in a variety of colors. With bold colors like red, blue and yellow, Jovani’s chiffon gowns are nothing short of elegant and appropriate. Jovani incorporates pleating and fringe details in many of their stunning gowns. Choose a fitted yellow gown with loose ruffles down the bottom or a mermaid strapless gown with subtle ruching for a Jayma inspired look. To achieve a look like Jenna Ushkowitz’s, pick from any of Jovani’s looser fitting gowns such as a red empire waist that’s ultra flattering or a yellow chiffon gown with ribbon detailing around the neckline and waist.
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Functions, red carpet events, and dinner parties are not the only places a person may wear an evening gown. Special occasion dresses rage in events from birthdays to weddings, anniversaries to the Oscars. If an event calls for a night of elegance and formality, an evening dress is what to wear. Where is there a better place to look for one of these gowns other than nationally acclaimed design company Jovani? Creating the most eloquent and unique pieces available to the public, we are here to challenge you not to find a dress. There is something spectacular made for every girl, and we believe it would be impossible to look through this years collection and not fall in love with something stunning.

Where thousands of pictures are going to be taken, one must always be mindful of their position at the event in correspondence to what they are wearing. Mothers-of-the-bride ultimately represent their daughters and should do so in a positive way by dressing elegantly and appropriately. Soon to be mother-in-laws also carry the weight of looking beautiful over their shoulders. With so many options from the Jovani evening gown collection, this is simple to do! Out collection carries every type of gown in the most beautiful colors imaginable.

The formal dresses come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking to a more business oriented dress with a jacket that is perfect for an office party or a flowing gown that trains onto the floor that is ideal for a wedding, Jovani has it made. Mermaid dresses are the trend of the 2011 season, and they are sizzling hot. Best selling by most fashion companies right now happens the be the mermaid dress with a flaring layered bottom. Also popular are one shoulder, asymmetrical pieces. Asymmetrical pieces give women the illusiveness of seeming mysterious and complicated. Mix one of those dresses with a dark smoky eye, and there is no going wrong.

Designs are inspired from vivid colors that stand out to the eye, creating even more of a reason for people to look at you in your designer dress with envy! Soft greens work great for outdoor events and gatherings such as a day at the racetrack. The fiery reds are excellent for sexy dates in the city. Either way, whatever occasion, we have it.

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride? Well, if you are going to be a bridesmaid in a Jovani piece, there is no reason not to smile! You will feel as beautiful as the bride on her big day. Wearing somewhat lighter shades of color would be the best decision. If you would prefer to have a bit of a sexier look, we would suggest a darker colored strapless dress showing a bit of skin.

Like the many celebrities who have worn one of our evening Dresses, including Taylor Swift, you too will have the confidence needed to take on the world with the help of Jovani. Relax! Whatever dress you choose from our collection will be amazing, we have designed the dresses to do so. Be mindful of the occasion, weather, and you’re relation to the event as you are shopping. This is the most fun type of dress to shop for though so loosen up and be ready to be amazed with the glorious designs you are about to see. Best of luck from Jovani to you!

Attending a formal event? Look to Jovani for your perfect evening gown. Jovani’s 2011 evening collection includes stunning gowns appropriate for many different occasions. Jovani’s Collection entails gorgeous and unique dresses in all different styles. From a variety of colors, fabrics and silhouettes, Jovani has many different looks to choose from.


Don’t be scared of color for your formal event! Embrace a gown in a beautiful color for a head-turning look that will surely spice up your evening. From jewel tones to pastels, Jovani has gorgeous designs in all different shades. A great colored gown will not only enhance your features, but will also set you apart from others.


Dare to be bold. Why not choose a vibrant red gown? Blonde, brunette and auburn—no matter your hair or skin coloring, red is flattering on everyone. For something vivacious, try a strapless red gown in chiffon fabric with textured layers. A floor-length, jersey halter gown with jeweled detail along the neckline is another gorgeous way to wear red. Jeweled accents can look incredibly stunning and can dress up any style. Especially when it comes to jersey dresses, making it more appropriate for a formal event. Step out of the box for this event in a dazzling red gown!


If you prefer a color that has a more subtle look, choosing a gown in deep purple or teal is a great way to look elegant without appearing too over the top. These two colors, including royal blue, are all jeweled tones that will help to give your gown a more elegant touch. An off-the-shoulder, chiffon gown with tiered layers is a light and exquisite option. If you prefer a different look, opt for a one-shoulder taffeta gown with rosette detailing along a fitted bodice.


For fall, choose a dark maroon or navy-colored dress. A floor-length, blue silk gown with jewel detail along the straps and a fitted corset bodice, is exquisite and appropriate for the season. While the weather starts to get colder in the fall, you don’t have to cover up your entire body. Having bare arms or shoulders with a floor-length style, is the perfect way to keep it sexy while looking weather appropriate. The warm weather may be ending, but you can still bare skin without looking too summery. Bring out those darker colors and shades again. Not to mention, heavier fabrics that will keep you feeling warm. A one-shoulder gown in light pink appears very lightweight and breezy; however, in a navy or dark color it will still look beautiful and seasonal for fall.

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Another way to make your gown a little more unique is to choose a bold pattern print instead of a solid color. A print will add excitement to your dress and is a sure way to get noticed! A vibrant pattern will give others a bit more to look at. Jovani has unique patterns and prints that set aside their dresses from all other designers. Whether you prefer animal print, floral or geometric shapes, Jovani has a beautiful print gown for you. A dark teal mermaid gown with floral embroidery is a fun and elegant way to wear an evening gown.


Another great pattern dress to look at is a striped black and white fitted silhouette. The color blocking on a striped gown gives the dress an abstract look, which can be very flattering. The uneven lines on the bodice distract viewers’ eyes, therefore hiding unwanted curves. The fitted style gives off a sexy feel. Try a gown like this is in satin, which will make the dress appear shiny and more formal.


If you want to stay classic with a black dress, Jovani’s 2011 evening collection adds flavor to a typical black evening gown. With exquisite detailing and beautiful silhouettes, Jovani takes a simple black dress even further.


At Jovani, there’s something suitable for every women and girl for every formal event. Don’t settle for typical…and no one does intricate details like this! Visit to browse through the entire Collection and to find an authorized retailer nearest you!

Find an appropriate and elegant style from Jovani if you are the mother of the bride (MOB) and in need of a dress. As the MOB, a lot of attention is on you as well. You may be considered the hostess, the one responsible for making sure guests feel welcome. With people turning to you, you want to make sure you look and feel your best. You don’t want to look over-the- top and take attention away from the bride, but it is important you look beautiful. Jovani has floor-length and short even dresses that are elegant for any mother of the bride. Stand out as much as you want, or go for a more subtle look in a gorgeous piece from Jovani’s 2011 evening collection.


If the affair is formal evening or black-tie, opt for a floor-length gown to stay within tradition. There are wide range of MOB looks to choose from. Depending on your own style and personal preference in clothing, you can choose from a conservative look or one that shows off more skin. If you like to show off your upper body such as your arms and shoulders, choose a strapless neckline. Another great and fashion-forward way of showing off your arms, is by choosing a one-shoulder neckline.


A strapless taffeta gown in maroon or teal with bead embellishments on the bodice is a beautiful option for the MOB role. Another, is a strapless taffeta mermaid gown with a fully ruched bodice. Ruching and beading both tend to be flattering styles as they add texture to the fabric, which will conceal any extra curves you wish to hide. A one-shoulder evening dress with ruching is an elegant choice, or even a one-shoulder chiffon gown with small rosettes.


Some women prefer to cover up their shoulders and arms. If you fit this category, Jovani has many long sleeve and short sleeve styles. Wearing a sleeveless gown can be a nice look, as you can show off some skin without showing too much. A great and fun way to hide shoulders with baring your arms is to wear a gown with puffy short sleeves. A strapless chiffon gown with sheer overlay is conservative and elegant. A chiffon gown in black with sheer overlay is a very traditional, yet extremely elegant look. For more exaggeration in a gown, choose from Jovani’s signature dresses with hand-crafted details and chic silhouettes. Another fun, yet sophisticated look is a tiered chiffon gown.


As the mother of the bride, you can choose whether you would like a body- hugging gown or something more loose fitting. For more snug, look for a flowy chiffon style that has more of a loose feel. Also, a Jovani A-line gown will have a looser fit. A jersey gown is great if you’re looking for comfort. A stretch jersey dress in the right color shade, along with jeweled detail, will surely make for a dressy look that’s appropriate for formal occasions.


Depending on how much you would like to stand out, choose from a variety of embellishments like beading, rosettes, jeweled embroidery or origami pleats.


The mother-of-the-bride is an important role. A lot of attention is put on you, and you want to look and feel your best without overstepping boundaries. Jovani’s 2011 evening collection includes a wide variety of gowns that you are sure to fall in love with more than just one! Visit www.Jovani.comto find a retailer closest to you.

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Plan a romantic night with Jovani Evening Dresses



Every girl deserves a night out once in a while! Whether you are planning a romantic evening for you and your significant other or simply have a formal event to attend, let your dress help to create a most memorable evening! Jovani's evening collection for 2010 offers a variety of dresses suitable for any occasion.

There’s nothing stopping you from having a fairytale night…all you really need is that glamorous gown to make you feel like a princess from the inside out! Jovani’s extensive collection makes shopping for that evening dress enjoyable, as every gown is uniquely detailed and utterly exquisite. Finally, prepping for an evening out can be stress-free and fun.

Jovani dresses are specifically tailored to fit and flatter the female body—from all shapes and sizes to short and tall frames. Eliminate the anxiety of finding that perfect fitting dress, and leave everything up to us. Women who do not want to expose their legs can find stunning floor-length gowns with strapless, one-shoulder or halter necklines. For those who do want to show more skin, you can opt for a vibrant short and cocktail dress in a variety of styles.

No longer does a formal event call for that simple black cocktail dress or a slinky strapless gown. Jovani’s latest collection for 2010 offers unique, creative, fun and elegant gowns that are perfect for formal to more casual evening affairs. Play around with bold patterns like floral and animal prints, as well as plunging necklines, exposed backs and unique hemlines to add spice to your evening style.

Jovani gowns are so recognizable that A-list celebrities have been spotted wearing the fabulous gowns all over the red carpet and to various star-studded events. Popular country singers and Grammy winners Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood have worn several Jovani styles to award shows as well as on the stage of their concert tours. You too can look like a Hollywood star in a chic Jovani gown!

Shorten your to-do list when preparing for that big evening out. Think about going for a gown with embellishments, elaborate beading or intricate necklines so you can skip out on the accessories (i.e. sparkly jewelry). Choosing a hairstyle can be easy too! A simple middle part with a smooth, straight ponytail can look elegant and will extenuate your neck to make you look long and lean. If you prefer your hair down, how about a simple blowout or loose curls that will look great with almost any gown?

Finalize your look by adding a natural and glowing touch of makeup. Make your face look flawless with a subtle tinted moisturizer. Add a dark liner with mascara and a smoky shade of eye-shadow to play up your look. Dab on a touch of blush to the apple of your cheeks, as well as a light shimmer bronzer to make your face shine. Finish off with a thin layer of nude to colorless lip gloss to downplay your lips and make your eyes pop. And voila! A head turning look that is sure to get you noticed the second you enter the room!

Visit and browse through Jovani’s evening and mother-of-the-bride collection to find an elegant dress that suits your criteria and catches your eye!