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Find an appropriate and elegant style from Jovani if you are the mother of the bride (MOB) and in need of a dress. As the MOB, a lot of attention is on you as well. You may be considered the hostess, the one responsible for making sure guests feel welcome. With people turning to you, you want to make sure you look and feel your best. You don’t want to look over-the- top and take attention away from the bride, but it is important you look beautiful. Jovani has floor-length and short even dresses that are elegant for any mother of the bride. Stand out as much as you want, or go for a more subtle look in a gorgeous piece from Jovani’s 2011 evening collection.


If the affair is formal evening or black-tie, opt for a floor-length gown to stay within tradition. There are wide range of MOB looks to choose from. Depending on your own style and personal preference in clothing, you can choose from a conservative look or one that shows off more skin. If you like to show off your upper body such as your arms and shoulders, choose a strapless neckline. Another great and fashion-forward way of showing off your arms, is by choosing a one-shoulder neckline.


A strapless taffeta gown in maroon or teal with bead embellishments on the bodice is a beautiful option for the MOB role. Another, is a strapless taffeta mermaid gown with a fully ruched bodice. Ruching and beading both tend to be flattering styles as they add texture to the fabric, which will conceal any extra curves you wish to hide. A one-shoulder evening dress with ruching is an elegant choice, or even a one-shoulder chiffon gown with small rosettes.


Some women prefer to cover up their shoulders and arms. If you fit this category, Jovani has many long sleeve and short sleeve styles. Wearing a sleeveless gown can be a nice look, as you can show off some skin without showing too much. A great and fun way to hide shoulders with baring your arms is to wear a gown with puffy short sleeves. A strapless chiffon gown with sheer overlay is conservative and elegant. A chiffon gown in black with sheer overlay is a very traditional, yet extremely elegant look. For more exaggeration in a gown, choose from Jovani’s signature dresses with hand-crafted details and chic silhouettes. Another fun, yet sophisticated look is a tiered chiffon gown.


As the mother of the bride, you can choose whether you would like a body- hugging gown or something more loose fitting. For more snug, look for a flowy chiffon style that has more of a loose feel. Also, a Jovani A-line gown will have a looser fit. A jersey gown is great if you’re looking for comfort. A stretch jersey dress in the right color shade, along with jeweled detail, will surely make for a dressy look that’s appropriate for formal occasions.


Depending on how much you would like to stand out, choose from a variety of embellishments like beading, rosettes, jeweled embroidery or origami pleats.


The mother-of-the-bride is an important role. A lot of attention is put on you, and you want to look and feel your best without overstepping boundaries. Jovani’s 2011 evening collection includes a wide variety of gowns that you are sure to fall in love with more than just one! Visit www.Jovani.comto find a retailer closest to you.