Beautiful Homecoming Dresses

Homecoming is such an exciting event in high school for every girl. It is often the occasion of the year looked forward to the most by all students and even their parents too. It is where we acknowledge accomplishments, fantastic memories, and realize the end of the magic known as high school draws near. Beautiful homecoming dresses don't just happen; they are fretted over and chosen carefully with a large sense of what they represent for the girls wearing them. A choice never taken lightly, to be sure. Jovani's dazzling line of beautiful homecoming dresses was created with this in mind. We offer the ever popular and classic full length gown with spaghetti string straps, as well as the most recently spotted celebrity dresses in all sizes. We can provide the dress - you provide the memories.

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Tween Special Occasion Dresses

We are not sure who coined the term "tween", but we can certainly define it in our newest line of dresses for the tween. Special occasion dresses have a place in every woman's life - no matter her age. We have combined grace and elegance with a touch of charm that honors days past while inviting the days yet to come.

No in between awkwardness for today's tween, she is decisive and knows what she wants. Jovani stands ready as the premiere designer of tween special occasion dresses. We know the desires of each unique tween. Special occasion dresses can be found in each of our subsections on our site as well as numerous photographs that reveal color selections, fabrics, and textures. We also have boutiques and dress shops located throughout the United States. These locations can be found on our website.