Grand Pageant Gowns

Pageant gowns are in a class of their own. Any woman who has ever fearlessly competed with other beautiful contestants in front of an audience knows all too well the importance of the right pageant gowns. Choices and sacrifices she makes bear witness to her graceful presence on the stage. We honor this tradition with our collection of gorgeous gowns, made especially for pageants. The impression she wishes to project - including her pageant dress - is as important as the occasion itself.

These brave souls commit themselves to the responsibilities that go hand and hand in the pageant circuits. These are women who know their designer dresses. For a special occasion such as a pageant, it often comes down to her choice of an empire waist versus an off the shoulder gown or a strapless dress versus elegant spaghetti straps.

Designer Dresses For A Special Occasion

Salmon or sage? Spaghetti straps or strapless? We understand your dilemma when choosing designer dresses. For a special occasion, whether it's a night on the town or your parents' 50th wedding anniversary, Jovani has the right choice and stands ready with our homecoming dresses . It simply must be superior in design, style, and fit. Our website offers a unique tour of our dresses and sportswear that are perfect for any formal occasion. You have instant access to every piece in our inventory.

Beautiful Homecoming Dresses

Homecoming is such a special time for our high school aged customers. For the homecoming queen and her court, this is often considered their formal debuts and their beautiful homecoming dresses are of utmost consideration. How many mothers have looked forward to their baby girls reaching high school and sharing the anticipation with their daughters? These are critical times for these girls. Jovani's beautiful designs provide choices you simply won't find in your local malls. Her choice will forever be memorialized in photographs and videos and then protected and cherished throughout her lifetime and eventually shared with her own daughters as they begin the exciting cycle of searching for their own beautiful homecoming dresses.