Top 5 ways to prepare for homecoming


Homecoming will be here sooner than you think! Don’t save all your prepping for this monumental high school event until the last minute! From looking great to feeling great, Jovani is here to help.


1. The big question and most important part of homecoming is of course-what to wear? Jovani makes finding that perfect dress simple with the extensive 2012 homecoming collection.  No matter your style, Jovani has a dress that will catch your eye.


Homecoming is a time of new beginnings. If you are a freshman entering into high school, homecoming is the start of a new school year and a new chapter in your life. Start this exciting time off by getting noticed and making a statement in a unique and beautiful Jovani gown. Wear an eye-popping one-shoulder multi-color sequin mini dress or a sexy pleated taffeta rosette cocktail dress to really turn heads. If you would like to go more formal choose a bold colored strapless chiffon gown or a strapless gown with beaded tulle overlay.


For those who are no longer freshman, start your year right too! Set the standard on how to dress for every future event by showing how fabulous you can be in a breathtaking Jovani gown.


Before your search for your dress, jot down four or five different styles of a dress that would be your ideal homecoming dress. Note the colors you would prefer, the length and neckline, as well as any other details you like and several different fits. Go into shopping with an open mind, but to narrow down your options remember the criteria you originally wanted. Jovani’s homecoming line is so extensive you will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for! From details such as bead embellishments, multi-color tulle layers, bows, rosettes and jeweled brooches, Jovani gowns are uniquely stunning and will make any girl feel and look like a princess!


2. Whatever you do, do NOT save dress shopping until the last minute. Use your summer as the perfect opportunity to begin looking. Visit to find the closest retailer near you. Also browse through the various dress collections to see the beautiful gowns photographed. This will help give you an idea or even let you pick in advance which dress you love.


3. Don’t forget about that time right before the homecoming dance, as this part will help make the occasion more memorable and can be just as fun. Get a big group together and agree on a location to all meet and take pictures of the girls and guys in their formal attire. If the size of the group is large choose a local park with pretty scenery or make sure whoever’s home is hosting has enough space. Research fun restaurants close to your high school and make a reservation for everyone to go to dinner. Make sure the restaurant is not too pricey. Call different limo services and feel out prices, and then arrange for a limo or party bus to take your group around for the evening. If possible, have the limo be available to drive everyone home at the end of the night.


Try and make all your arrangements far in advance to avoid any last minute stress. Once the final group is decided upon, have two or three people take the lead on making arrangements. Don’t confirm anything before passing it along with all of the group members. Make sure the restaurant and limo can accommodate more people in case the group gets bigger as the time of homecoming gets closer. After all, the more the merrier! 


4. Do NOT stress if you can’t find a homecoming date! Chances are if you don’t have a date neither do others. Rather than finding someone who you may not really want to go with, find a group of girls who are planning on attending without a date—and plan a homecoming “girl’s night out!” You can all gather at one of your houses prior to the event to help each other prep. You can help to do each other’s hair and makeup, as well as help pick out matching accessories. Be sure to take lots of pictures while getting ready—especially after you are all “glammed” up. Pick a fun place to go for dinner, rent a limo and arrive to the party in style! All the guys’ heads will turn to see such a fine group of ladies arriving to the homecoming dance.


5. Some anticipation may be expected before a new school year begins. Whether you are a freshman or senior, jumping back into a daily routine of going to school and being with all your classmates can be nerve-racking. Don’t let the few weeks leading up to school interfere with your relaxing summer break. Stay healthy and take care of yourself, so you can enter school with a positive attitude—feeling good and confident. Add exercise to part of your daily summer routine by taking advantage of the warm weather. Walk to places you would normally drive or even join a gym and dedicate an hour or 20 minutes a day to working out. Exercising will relieve tension and help you to look great on the outside, which leads to feeling great on the inside. 


Homecoming is an exciting and memorable time. It is a time for you to start off the new school year with a bang. Jovani will make your night unforgettable by making you look and feel like prettier than you’ve ever felt. Look back on homecoming and think, “I looked like a star!” Visit our website to find the closest Jovani retailer to you!


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