The Jovani Formal Prom Dress

The prom dress has evolved over the years and as such, each new prom season redefines its views and styles. Gone are the days of flowing taffeta ruffles, and depending on your own high school memories, the evolving trends are often good news.

As important as your formal prom dress is, the details to complete your look are vital to your finished look. We offer these suggestions and guidelines:

  • Jewelry - Remember the statement you wish to make at your prom or special occasion.
  • Shoes - Since most proms are held in late spring, open-toed sandals with a pronounced or modest heel can really add to your look.
  • Hair - Again, you want your look to reflect the sum of all parts. Consider wearing your hair up with an open-back dress, for example.
  • Mani- and Pedi-conscious - Keep it simple and feminine. You don't want all eyes on your busy fingertips.

Choosing your elegant prom dress is certainly supposed to be a fun and exciting adventure, but don't forget the details! Keep in mind the finished look you want to achieve.

One Elegant Prom Dress

A more traditional formal prom dress remains a classic favorite and Jovani, always aware of trends and our customer's needs, offers grand gowns for those who prefer such a look. The elegant prom dress can be defined as classic, polished, opulent, or grand. However, we think elegance is conveyed by the wearer. We encourage our customers to remember inner beauty and best features when choosing a prom dress; the right dress will enhance the great qualities you already have.

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