Evening Dresses - Runway Ready

These elegant gowns haven given way to the opulence and class once reserved for celebrity red carpet appearances. If you love to turn heads, you will adore our expanded line of evening dresses. Vivid colors, bold patterns and sweeping skirts dance floor-ready make these dresses impossible to resist.

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Elegant Evening Dresses

Designer Evening Dresses

The season's refined designer evening dresses have finally been unveiled. And we can say they were worth the wait. Which brings us to the question, why wait until you see these on the celebrities and movie stars? They are available right now, "Why wait?"

Jovani's designers, never reserved, have outdone themselves with the season's new designer evening dresses. We are sure you will be just as impressed as we are.

Exotic Dresses - Guaranteed Attention

The new must-haves for formal wear are the exotic long dresses. Sleek and mysterious, these new arrivals are brave and encourage adventure and mischief. Not for the weak, these require bold souls who push the envelope. Because the new exotic evening dresses beg to be defined, here are a couple of ideas to help you bring out the "bad" in you: The Eyes Have It - Consider what the exotic look demands. Generally, you will want to enhance your eye make up for a more mysterious look. Bold Gold - Consider daring and unique gold pieces as your accessories. Main Mane - Now is the time to get a bit adventurous with your coif. Longer hair might look fantastic with flowing curls that blend with the patterns of your chosen dress. Assert Your Assets - Since you've exhausted yourself on a daily basis with your three-mile runs, now is the time to reveal the results and assert your assets. Think form fitting - think open back - think strapless.

Remember - a bit of adventure is good for the soul and exotic evening dresses are good for everything else.