If a Jovani gown were a Vincent Van Gough painting, then the fabric used would be comparable to Van Gough's paint. Or if the gown were a Demarchelier photograph, the fabrics could be best compared to the lighting used to extenuate the model. In other words, fabrics are the KEY to crafting the masterpiece that is a JOVANI gown.


It all begins in fabric meetings, which happen several times each day. Merchants come into the showroom and display their most recent (and most fabulous) fabrics and our team of designers select only a few that meet our requirements. During this process we discuss (mostly mentally) a few key questions:

prom dress fabric
  1. How can we use it?
  2. Will it work best for a cocktail evening or pageant dress?
  3. Where is the fabric coming from?
  4. How can we price it efficiently?
  5. How will it look and move on a body?

evening-dress-sketchAfter we select our favorite jersey, taffeta, silk, brocade and lace swatches we begin the experimental process. Here we hang the fabrics over a mannequin; doing anything we can to help inspire the head designer sketch. This often includes discussing our trend research, and displaying the inspiration boards we have created. When the sketch is complete, and we have received a larger sample of the fabric purchased, we ship both out to be manufactured. A few weeks later one-sample dress returns and our fit models try it on and recite helpful notes about what works and what simply does not. (This part of the process is often the most tedious as many dress samples are sent back and forth several times until perfected.) Each detail matters and in order to work in design, one has to be meticulous!


The whole process (believe it or not) takes several months, but after walking through our showroom and seeing the masterpieces, which are our designer prom and evening dresses it all seems worth it.