Designer Evening Dresses

There's never an off-season for parties. Whether you're prepping for the winter holidays or looking forward to the opportunity to flaunt the results of a summer's worth of morning exercise with on of our cocktail party dresses, you can always find a good reason to shop at Jovani online or in one of the many shops across the nation that carry our couture dresses. Choose your designer evening dresses and other items as you make your preparations for the non-stop string of parties and events sure to fill your engagement calendar. You'll find over three hundred styles for every special occasion.

Cocktail Party Dresses

Our flirty cocktail party dresses embody charm and are perfect for many occasions, including the before-dinner cocktails or a night on the town. Select a slinky sheath or a sparkling halter top balanced beautifully by a flirty skirt. Consider the softly embellished versions of the classic baby doll, strapless short, or filmy lace wonders that will turn heads.

We'll provide a different look with each new party you attend and our latest lines ensure you never wear the same designer evening dresses more than once, unless you love them so much that you begin scheduling your life around chances you might have to wear Jovani.

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Classic Dresses

Ask any woman which classic dresses are indispensable; odds are her first response will be the LBD, or little black dress. Since good taste is always in style, our Jovani line contains this timeless classic. Be sure to view these classic dresses and gowns on the Jovani website. They are displayed in varying angles with options to change the colors, including the option to alter your little black dress into your little emerald green dress or if you are so inclined, your little tangerine orange dress. This option also can provide a clear idea of which accessories will be best suited to your attire for the party, event, or evening on the town.