From classic couture gowns, to trendy cocktail dresses and exotic prints, Jovani has been a top designer among stylists and fashion editors, as well as retailers worldwide Jovani Fashionistas... Our exciting new fashion blog section allows you to keep up with weekly Jovani news and other style updates. As we have just recently launched our newest collections for 2010, we would love to have your feedback as well as answer any fashion-forward questions you may have! Whether you’re a retailer or planning for your next prom, finding the perfect dress can be tough. So stop browsing through endless collections and take a look at Jovani’s weekly top picks! Here you will find the most stylish formal pieces, some of which have been worn by your favorite celebrities on the red carpet and to other high profile events. With hot new fashion topics and photos, as well as a forum to post your thoughts and ideas, you can become an integral part of Jovani Fashions! Check out our Twitter page and become a fan of Jovani Fashions on Facebook for a chance to win a free giveaway! Blog topics include: *Maybe create a personal stylist section that gets updated bi-weekly on top picks and suggestions on what styles are the latest trend (i.e. have been featured in fashion magazines and seen on celebs) and then compare to similar Jovani styles—or even talk about celebs in Jovani styles -An Award Winning Look—Grammy’s top dresses pick---match to similar Jovani styles -And the crown goes to …Miss America recap—talk about our lovely couture gowns as well as the contestants that wore them---and talk about the other dresses worn and likes/dislikes -JOVANI Just For You…Find the dress that’s made to fit you. How to dress for your body-what silhouette & neckline is best for you… -Jovani in the Spotlight----Celebrity update: What celebs have recently been spotted wearing Jovani -Time to Glam up that LBD--Alternatives to the “Little Black Dress” –feature on Short & Cocktail dresses -The Fabulous Life of...A Jovani Bride –Piece on bridal dresses—How to find the perfect wedding dress and reception dress. How much easier the wedding planning becomes after you’ve found that magical dress. Skip the typical, overdone look…look classy and elegant, as well as fashionable on your wedding day! Talk about our sexy corset top gowns and body-hugging styles…even the super-stylish ball gown! -A Night Out with JVN-- how to mix and match our chic and super trendy JVN styles to create a perfect, true fashionista look---great for a girls night out -Black-Tie Beauty—classy and elegant evening dresses that will make you stand out in the room (top picks—each different styles -Complete your look with the right hair & makeup –How to wear your hair depending on what neckline and dress style you choose…include a brief make-up tips section on the bottom -A Prom Fit for a Queen—from the dress to the shoes and accessories, to remembering to carry the vital necessities for the night, i.e. lipstick for touch-ups, mini hairspray, etc… -One-on-one with the designers: Have a brief Q&A with a Jovani designer on their fashion philosophies/inspirations for the latest collections…as well as their predictions for upcoming trends. Also include a brief personal profile on their fashion expertise and their influences. Interview set-up: Do one interview weekly/or every two weeks with all of the designers asking them each to answer the same question. Q. ____________________ Julie answer: Stephen answer: Jessie answer: -How to accessorize and polish a simple style for a sleek and glamorous look -Street style: Incorporate JVN into your everyday ---how different JVN styles can be worn to a simple lunch date with a friend, in the workplace, and to all other everyday functions… An Award Winning Look 52nd ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS—2010 Style Recap… This past Sunday was the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, and it was one of the best! With a heartfelt tribute to Michael Jackson, an iconic duet by Elton John and Lady Gaga, as well as a slew of talented newcomers—it just couldn’t have gotten any better. Much like the new innovative eon of performers, including the Lady of the Year, Ms. Gaga herself, there seemed to be a new fashion sense on the red carpet—a more artistic inspired, star-studded look. No, I’m not just talking about Lady Gaga’s elliptical solar ensemble, but rather a high popularity in trendy details, sequin accents and asymmetrical hemlines. If we refer back to award shows of the previous decade, the dresses and gowns seem to be less risqué—which in fact makes perfect sense if we consider how much fashion has evolved. No longer do evening and black-tie dresses have to be long and lengthy, or black and simple. You are what you wear…so why not show off your effervescent self in a super chic and elegant statement dress?! Stars like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Fergie, as well as newcomers Lea Michele and Kristine Elejaz were definitely feeling new fashion fierceness—and they our top picks for this year’s best dressed! JOVANI CELEBRITY OF THE WEEK Singer and Best Dressed Kristine Elejaz at the Grammys in Jovani Style #153010